How to live a liberated life

September 8, 2008

by Pastor Robert Ramphal, Oster First Covenant Church, Waverly

When a person becomes a Christian, he or she becomes a forgiven person under the banner of salvation through Christ. However, there are certain things we must do to maintain this state of forgiveness, in order to be truly liberated.

In our new spiritual life, we need to be constantly delivered from the assaults of the evil one, and so deliverance becomes a walk, or way of life. It is not a once-for-all experience without any responsibility on the part of the person who has been set free. We must now choose to walk in the Spirit to remain free from any additional demonic influence.

Here are some steps we must take to strengthen our faith and reliance on Jesus.

First, we must study and meditate on scripture to get greater protection and power from Jesus. Read some of the following scriptures and find comfort and strength:

Mark 16:17, “Everyone who believes me will be able to do wonderful things. By using my name, they will force out demons, and they will speak new languages.”

Psalm 91, “Live under the protection of God Most High and stay in the shadow of God All-Powerful.”

Romans 8:28-30, :We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves Him. They are the ones God has chosen for his purpose, and He has always known who his chosen ones would be. He had decided to let them become like his own Son, so that his Son would be the first of many children. God then accepted the people he had already decided to choose, and he has shared his glory with them.”

Isaiah 54:17, “I rejected you for a while, but with love and tenderness I will embrace you again.”

John 10:27-29, “My sheep know my voice and I know them. They follow me and I give them eternal life . . .”

Second, we always need to pray and ask God for the heart desire and discipline to develop a consistent prayer life. We must always be in touch with God, and no day should go by without communicating with him. We need direction and help, and He is always willing to give it, once we listen and reside within His Spirit.

Third, we need to give God praise whenever the enemy attacks. We should turn and focus on God rather than on the enemy. We start by praising God for his love and power. The enemy does not want to produce this response in us and he will flee according to James 4:7-8, “Surrender to God! Resist the devil, and he will run from you. Come near to God, and He will come near to you.”

Fourth, every day tell Jesus that your heart is open to Him, and ask Him to flood your life and whole person with the power of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 5:17-20 says, “Don’t be stupid. Instead find out what the Lord wants you to do. Don’t destroy yourself by getting drunk, but let the Spirit fill your life. When you meet together, sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs as you praise the Lord with all your heart. Always use the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to thank God, the Father for everything.”

Fifth, after you have been liberated, the devil will try to tempt you. Stand against him (James 4:7). Don’t be entangled again with the yoke of bondage, and always remember that Jesus is stronger than the devil (read I John 4:4).

Last, when we are liberated, we need to be in fellowship with other Christians (Acts 2:41-47). Unless we are unable to attend church because of sickness, we should find ourselves in church as often as possible.

Other Christians need your presence, testimony, witness, and fellowship. When we confess our struggles and share our victories with fellow believers, we encourage and enable others to do the same, and help them with their daily walk with Christ.

God blesses all those who are liberated, and He welcomes all those who would like to be set free, so that they, too, can share in this blessed life in Jesus Christ.