Jesus reveals God’s heart

September 22, 2008

by Rev. Eric Nelson, St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie

We tend to be empirical. In other words, we tend to assess and evaluate by observation and evidence.

Therefore, when Scripture tells us that God is good and loving, we have reason to doubt. Where is the evidence?

Consider what we observe in the world around us. We observe calamities and disasters which ravage people’s lives. We observe hatred, crime, and violence. We observe how the ruthless and immoral seem to enjoy prosperity.

In addition, we observe hardship and problems in our own lives. Our health can deteriorate. Our pay-checks and bank accounts can be depleted by bills. Our friends and family members can be taken away from us because of death. Where is this good and loving God when such things happen?

The goodness and love of God is located in his Son. Jesus reveals God’s heart for you.

Jesus reveals what God was willing to give up in order to save you. He would not merely give up a sum of money. He would not redeem you with a bit of silver or gold. Instead, He was willing to give up His only, beloved Son. That is how much God values you!

As a result, Jesus was put to death on a cross. He would offer up His perfect life as a sacrifice for your sins. After He suffered death in your place, He rose again on the third day.

Because of Christ’s death and resurrection, you can be certain that God no longer has it in for you. Instead, you have His promise of forgiveness and salvation. You are assured that you are loved, no matter what you observe or what you must endure. In other words, you have a God who is for you.

We need this assurance. As empirical people, we tend to gauge our relationship with God by what we observe. If life is going along well, God must be smiling upon us. However, if troubles emerge, God must have turned against us.

Christ is the end to this manner of thinking. Instead of placing our trust in what we observe, we place our trust in the One who offered up His life for us. This is where the goodness and love of God is found.