A prayer for healing

November 3, 2008

by Fr. Bill Sprigler, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Winsted

As I sit down to write this article for the newspaper, it is about a week before the elections and I, for one, can’t wait until they are over. 

It is Monday, my day off , and I am at the lake. It is too cold to work outside, so I decided to clean up the inside of my “tar paper shack” and listen to the morning TV news and programs. 

While cleaning up, I had a piece of old paper fall off the counter, and now I have to pick it up off of the floor, not an easy task for an old, fat man.  I glance at it for a moment, and set it aside in a chair as I go on cleaning and listening to the TV in the background.

You would never know that we are a predominately Judeo-Christian nation with all the negative and downright nasty political advertising that has been going on.  There are three to four political sound bites every 15 minutes, and all of them negative. 

I need a break, so I drive into town to the post office to pick up my mail. The box is full of political venom.

For the last month, my mailbox has been filled with all the political bashing and name-calling.  If you took to heart everything that has been said or written about the candidates, you would come to the conclusion that none of them should hold public office.

Now back home, I throw all this political junk away, go to my chair – and there is that old piece of paper. 

The piece of paper is stained and wrinkled, but God, the Holy Spirit works in strange ways. 

I read that old paper – it is “A Prayer For Healing.”  Where it came from and who wrote it, I do not know, but it got me to thinking – when this election is over, we will need to come together as local communities, state and national.  And whoever is elected will need our prayers and support. 

We will need to heal all the wounds, and we need to start with ourselves. 

Here is that prayer:

 A Prayer For Healing

Lord, You have told us to ask and we will receive,

  to seek and we will find,

  to knock, and You will open the door to us.

I trust in Your love for me

  and in the healing power of Your compassion.

I praise You and thank You for the mercy You have shown to me.

Lord, I am sorry for all my sins.

I ask for your help in renouncing the sinful patterns  of my life.

I accept with all my heart Your forgiving love.

And I ask for the grace to be aware of the disorders that exist within myself.

Let me not offend you by my weak human nature

  or by my impatience, resentment or neglect of people who are a part of my life.

Rather, teach me the gift of understanding

and the ability to forgive just as You continue to forgive me.

 I seek Your strength and Your peace

so that I may become Your instrument in sharing those gifts with others.

 Guide me in my prayer that I might know what needs to be healed

and how to ask You for that healing.

It is You, Lord, whom I seek.

Please enter the door of my heart

  and fill me with the presence of Your Spirit

now and forever.


Remember, you are loved by God.  God the Father created you to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this life, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven. God the Son redeemed you by His life, death, and resurrection; and God the Holy Spirit sanctifies you and is with you. 

Pray for a short winter, and think spring.  My apologies to all who like winter. 

I wish you peace.