Strange coincidence?

May 5, 2008

by Pastor Lyndon Korhonen, Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church, Cokato

The other day, my cousin and I were out looking at some trees along the river.

While on our walk, my cousin pointed out to me an eagle’s nest in one of his trees. He had seen an eagle fly up into the nest with some cornstalks from his field. I had never heard of that, or seen it before.

The next day, I was driving back from the Twin Cities, taking the northern route along Wright County Road 37, when I saw a large bird fly across the road in front of me with something long trailing behind it.

I wondered what kind of bird had such long legs. I didn’t think that the herons were back yet.

Just then, I noticed the white on the bird’s head and tail, and I realized it was an eagle! What was trailing behind it? Ah, it was a cornstalk! I looked to the south along a large slough and noticed its nest there, in the top of the trees.

How is it that what I heard the day before, I happened to see the next day? It seems like an awfully strange coincidence.

I wonder if it does not illustrate for us that when we are aware that eagles do fly with cornstalks, we are able to identify what it is they are indeed carrying. We may have seen the occurrence before, but not realized what it was.

I believe this happens quite often spiritually. The evolutionist refuses to acknowledge that God made the world in six days. (Exodus 20:11) We who believe what the Bible says, see the amazing fingerprints of God throughout His marvelous creation.

We go through life seeing amazing wonders, from the smallest detail of creation, to the miraculous design of our human bodies, to the magnificent order in our solar system and universe. They all reveal the amazing power and wisdom of God. The evolutionist lives in denial of design.

As spring comes upon us, we have the opportunity to see life bursting forth all over, where earlier it had looked like death. What a great God we have who puts life in a seed and, with soil and water, causes it to grow!

May you not be overcome with strange coincidences, but may you see the amazing hand of God throughout His creation.