One life to live

June 2, 2008

by Pastor Mark Little, Stockholm Lutheran Church, Cokato

The words read, “You have only one life!”

I saw these the words on a billboard alongside Highway 12 on the way to the Twin Cities recently. On the billboard is a picture of a person heading off in pursuit of excitement on an “adventure craft” of some kind.

It is a great reminder – we all have only one life.

Often, people take this thought and decide to live their life to the fullest with only one thing in mind – they “go for it.” They listen to the TV ads that tell them to “go for the gusto” – have the best time you can have – “get as much as you can get” in this life. Live life to the fullest!

But God is often not in that picture. And because we humans were created and designed to have God directly involved in our lives, it is not possible to “live to the fullest” without that connection to the Owner and Maker of all things.

Sure, sometimes life goes well by itself – on our own . . . with no help or input from anyone, or God. That’s because God is so good, that He filled the planet with goodness in the hope that we will recognize His love all around us, day by day.

But too often, we go bumbling and stumbling down the paths of our lives, or things “just happen” in life that knock us down. Life can become pretty hard to take sometimes . . . without some help from the One who made us and loves us.

“You have only one life!” Each one of us has a calling to live that life to the fullest. Jesus said in the Bible’s book of John, chapter 10, verse 10, that He has come that we may have life, and have it to the fullest.

God has wonderful things in mind for you – and God wants to give you “life to the fullest.” But living life to the fullest means living in connection with God, living in God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus, and following God’s ways.

I appreciate the people who paid for that billboard, because it may give us all a bit of a wake-up call to live life to the fullest – with God, and in God’s goodness.

Each of us has only one life, and we can trust God with it, day by day.