A different Easter flower

April 14, 2008

By Pastor Paul Marggraf, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Delano

The lily, of course, is the flower we most often associate with the celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

In some ways, the lily is very fitting for that – the white lily reminds us of the brightness and joy of that event, as well as the holy robe of righteousness made possible through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The lily’s trumpet-like shape also reminds us of the angels who “trumpeted” the message of Jesus’ resurrection early on Easter Sunday morning.

But in some ways, the lily is not really an Easter flower. The lily doesn’t naturally bloom at Easter time – it has to be “fooled” into blooming in the springtime.

The lily’s large flower is easily damaged and short-lived. On the Sunday after Easter, those Easter lilies already look wilted and worn. Their remarkable bloom soon fades and falls away.

Perhaps there is another “flower” more suited to be the symbol for Easter and Jesus’ resurrection. With its bright, sunny face, this “flower” also recalls the brightness and joy of Easter Sunday morning. The “flower” I’m talking about is the dandelion.

In some ways, it is truly more suited to be the flower associated with Easter. Think about it – the dandelion is just about indestructible. It naturally blooms in the spring, and it can hardly be denied its place in your lawn.

Pulled out by the roots, it will re-root itself, while the broken root will grow a new flower. The dandelion is so determined to grow that it will move rocks, blacktop, and even cement to reach the light of day.

Now, I’m not advocating replacing Easter lilies with dandelions. The lily does indeed recall some of the beauty of the Easter event.

But in its own way, the dandelion proclaims the undeniable victory of Jesus Christ, who could not and would not be overcome, not even by death itself.

And because death could not hold Him, it won’t hold you. Think of that this spring while you’re working on those dandelions in your lawn!

The grace of our risen Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.