Blessed with God's presence

December 29, 2008

Pastor Lee Hallstrom, Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Delano

Can you believe that 2008 is over? Where did the time go? If you are like me, the older I get, the more life seems to be speeding up.  

As we step into 2009, all of us are welcoming the beginning of another year of our lives. This new year will be filled with new experiences and challenges, a year of celebrations, uncertainties, doubts and triumphs.

The Good News is that we can be certain that 2009 will be a year blessed by God’s presence and power sustaining us through difficult times and rejoicing with us in this year’s many joys.

In the book of Revelation 21:6, God says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” These words assure us that God, who has been in existence from the very beginning of time, will be there during each and every moment of our life, and in the end, as well.

The beginning of a New Year is also a time when many people sit down and think about New Year’s resolutions – those desires we have to better our lives.  Have you made any yet? Are you going to?

Whatever you personally choose to do for your life, above all, choose to draw closer to the God who created you, to the God who knows and loves you, to the God who is the beginning, the now, and the end of life. 

Take time to honor God and to be renewed in faith through weekly worship. Spend time each day in God’s word, to reflect upon it, and to act upon it. Pray often, stay connected with the God who knows all about you and desires that you know all about Him.

Reach out to others, even in these uncertain times, and let the love and light of Christ radiate through you into the dark places of our world.

This new year of 2009 will indeed be a blessed year!  Whatever comes our way, we will be blessed with God’s presence and power sustaining us through the tough times and celebrating with us in this new year’s many joys. Thanks be to God!

Have a blessed and joyous new year!