Trying to do good

January 21, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

It was one of those typical winter days when the weather was cloud, sleeting, raining, accompanied by high winds.

Trevor, 10 years old, sat by the living room window and watched the beastly, chilly weather beat against the living room window.

A shiver came to his body, causing him to tremble. Trevor was bored.

He wanted something fun to do. He sat and thought for a moment.

He had a wonderful idea. He went running to the kitchen drawer and pulled out one of his mom’s favorite cookbooks. “I’ll bake something,” he enthusiastically said to himself.

Trevor pushed a chair against the counter top. Opening the cupboard door, he found a big mixing bowl and a measuring cup.

He got off the chair and pulled open a utensil drawer, with many different things he could stir with.

Looking at the recipe book, he found a cake he wanted to bake. It was called a never fail cake. “How perfect,” he said to himself.

He started to read, the directions which read, “preheat the oven.” He specifically remembered his mother saying, “Do not touch the oven dials when I’m not home.”

He thought to himself, “I’ll get everything ready and mom can put it in the oven for me when she gets home.”

He dashed with excitement to the pantry closet. Looking from shelf to shelf he found the flour way up on the top shelf.

He pushed his chair in front of the pantry closet and crawled up upon the chair. The flour container looked very heavy.

He gripped his fist together and flexed a muscle. “I can do it,” he reassured himself. Reaching for the flour container, it toppled onto the floor.

The container lid flew off and flour clouded the kitchen floor. The dog was frightened and made his tracks threw the flour, leaving foot-prints.

Trevor looked at the mess and sighed. He lifted the flour container onto the counter. It was easier to handle being half empty.

He scooped some flour into the measuring cup and poured it into the mixing bowl. He then measured some sugar and vanilla into the mixing bowl.

He measured the cocoa, and into the bowl it went.

This was fun. He had a mountain forming in his bowl. His shirt was covered in flour, sugar, and cocoa. He giggled. He knew that what he wore was washable.

Reaching for the eggs in the refrigerator, his puppy returned, wagging his tail and licking Trevor’s hands, making him drop the eggs that he had in his hands onto the floor. He then slipped in the eggs and landed in the white and yellow sticky egg mess.

There he sat with big crocodile tears. He got himself up, just as his mother opened the front door to see a huge mess, including her son’s clothing. She was astounded.

He was sure a scolding was coming. She questioned Trevor, “What are you doing and what are you making?”

He responded, “I was trying to make you a cake. I was trying to surprise you by doing something good.”

She proceeded to get another spoon to help him mix the batter. Softy, she said. “The oven isn’t turned on. You are a good listener.

“Sometimes we try to do something good in life and it turns into a mess. Just because we might mess up, we can’t stop trying to do good for God and others. Sooner or later, we’ll get it right and then they’ll be glad we tried.”

Trevor looked at his mother and asked, “Is that why they call it a never fail cake?”