The month of love

February, 11, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

February is considered the month of love.

Everywhere you go, you see the colors red and white. You see hearts in all shapes and sizes.

There are messages of love expressed on cards, balloons, candy boxes, flowers arrangements, stuffed animals, and ceramic mementous.

All the red hearts displayed in any manner are beautiful. They are perfect and show no sign of impurities, bumps, bruises, scrapes, or scares.

For a moment if we examined the reality of a human heart we would be amazed to find the exact opposite. We, being humans, take everything to heart. Our hearts beat everyday.

Our hearts also take on a beating we sometimes can’t fathom. We all encounter happiness and excitement. Our hearts beat in joyous accord. There are times when we run into disappointment. Our hearts are bruised by the news that we don’t want to hear or see.

When spoken tooin harshness, our hearts may show signs of impurities. Our hearts may have jagged and frayed edges from all the severe and disrespectful words shared. It takes a long time to mend a wounded heart.

There are some who have a closed heart. They choose not to give or to receive. Then we have those who are receptive to giving, sharing, caring and loving. Their hearts blossom with joy when being around others.

We have those who have a chunk of their hearts missing. A loved one has left them. The loss seems too great to bear. Then we have those who have a heart that is blanketed because someone found the time to gently cover the heart with the warmth of their comforting words.

We have people who look at others and say, “you have a heart of gold.” If we could all see each other’s hearts in good times and difficult times we’d be astounded by the looks of another one’s heart.

We all have one other avenue, the greatest source of all.

When we are alone at our utmost saddest and loneliest moment in the darkest hours of the night, it’s then that God’s love can be found. He knows how to soothe our broken hearts. In time he mends our hearts, for he knows a part of us has died. He doesn’t care how the heart looks, for when we pour out our hurt to him, he in return pours his love inside each and everyone of us.

He comes to us and repairs the bumps, bruises, scrapes, scares, and all that needs tending. In time our heart takes on a new look because God deeply cares and loves each and every one of us in the turmoil and wreckage of our day.

He’s always waiting and ready with arms open wide to help us all in our time of need.