Living in a world of Easter truth

March 17, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

Every year as Easter approaches, the stores are filled with Easter eggs, jelly beans, chocolate Easter bunnies, and candy in many different varieties, Easter window clings, figurines of ceramic, cloth, and wooden mementos that are pre made.

The Easter lily, and many colorful Easter baskets ranging from small to extra large in size to hold and carry all of our Easter bounty, will soon be surrounded by the Easter green grass.

A little boy just nine-years of age went running to his mother one day and uttered a hopeful plea, “I’m tired of colorful tails and story telling. The Easter bunny never laid Easter eggs only chicken do. I don’t want you to invent a world for me that I will never see to be true when I get older.

“Don’t make up a plot that takes wild rollercoaster trips in my mind. I’m trying to figure out the world so I can make sense of this life we live in. Half the time I have to have my imagination fill in the gaps of Easter. I don’t want you to take a wash cloth and wipe my face and hands from messy chocolate and say this is what Easter is all about.

“I want stories that are rooted and true to life. I don’t want the story that begins with the magic words, ‘Once upon a time.’”

The mother understood his plea.

She responded to her son, “We should all be aware that Easter isn’t simply a commercial spring festivity about dyeing eggs and hiding them, or wearing the cutest spring attire. Easter isn’t to be considered an economy booster.

“Easter is a time to celebrate the greatest events this world has ever known. Christmas and Easter are like bookends.

“Christmas introduces us to the human life of Jesus Christ, and Easter brings together the final purpose of his life on earth. Easter is a time to acknowledge his great love that he had for all of us.

“Easter is the Christian observance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection days later. It is one of the oldest observances held within the Christian Church.

“Easter is held every year at a different time. Anywhere from March 22 to April 25, this special Easter occasion is held.

“Many sunrise services are held for people to attend. It’s a time to give thanks for all Jesus has done for each and every one of us.”

The little boy was satisfied with the answer his mother gave him. He smiled and said, “now that sounds like a story to be true.”

The mother returned a smile and said, “It is true.”

The little boy paused and said, “Mom, you should hear the story the neighbor boy has about dinosaur pirates in outer space.”

The mother replied, “I think I’ll pass. I think I’ll make a plea like you did and want to hear the truth.”