Walk in today's light

April 7, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

We all live in a world of wonderment – not one of us knowing what tomorrow will bring.

We are not given a crystal ball to look into the future and know the plans for the future ahead of us. We are not given a 300watt beam to reveal the entire landscape of what and how life will be for us.

The palm of our hands, if read, will not tell us specifically what direction to travel. Some of us even try to presume that the grass will be greener on the other side of the fence; only to find, the grass is only greener on the other side of the fence when you are nurtured.

None of us wear headlights on our hats to show us or point us in the direction of the horizon. Instead the Lord provides only a handheld lamp that illuminates the trail on which we are walking. He shows us and provides us only with where to place that next step.

We have to trust and have faith in the darkness that lies beyond our vision. That just tells us that we are blind to our own surroundings.

We all work diligently every day, in wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Emails and phone calls come our direction, with an attached “to do” list. We work together enthusiastically, as a team, in wonder of how great was that accomplishment. Sometimes we may even question, “What does this all mean?” We shrug our shoulders and raise our eyebrows and question, “what will tomorrow bring?”

We all carry a light that shows only what we need to know for today; tomorrow doesn’t belong to us. We just diligently walk in the light step by step and leave the future in God’s hands.

If God is calling you to do a job, he will provide and give it all his best care of getting his work out into the world to share with others. He will use that finetooth comb to search for anything that is unnecessary to his great ultimate plan.

The gifts we have been given are given for a purpose, and that purpose is only known by our creator. We all have been designed to take that puzzle piece in life and fit it into our creator’s plan for our life.

Sometimes our puzzle piece fits into the right place and sometimes we have to try again and again to make it fit. God will knock down all the barriers and pave the road for anyone who believes in him. We just need to trust and not worry about things that are beyond our control.

He has been faithful in the past and our life is in his hands. We just need to walk in today’s light and leave tomorrow in God’s ultimate plan.