Children teach valuable lessons

April 21, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

“Teacher.” If you define that word, you will be amazed to find that we are all teachers in life.

We all teach something to someone every day regardless of our ages or our occupations.

Nevertheless, little children are the best teachers in the world. They begin teaching at such a young age. They teach young women to be mothers and young men how to be fathers.

They become so skilled at it they don’t stop thier, for then they teach older men and women how to be grandparents. They teach moms to be cooks, house cleaners, to focus their attention in all directions, to be nurses, and to be compassionate.

They teach dads to be protectors, mechanics, and to be strong for their families. They teach brothers and sisters how to share toys, rooms, and their favorite treats.

Children teach the world how to love, hug, laugh, and embrace. They teach us to look past a person’s skin color and to focus on the heart. They teach us how to look beyond another one’s faults, to keep peace and to respectfully go forward.

Children keep us honest and to keep our promises because they never let us forget the ones we made to them.

They even teach us to become scientists and professors by asking continuously “why?” “how come?” “where?” “when?” and “who?” about anything that moves or the many things that don’t.

Children teach adults to be silly, to be imaginative, and to look beyond the spilled milk or chocolate coated hands and face.

They teach us to have patience as their little feet can travel only so fast and their hands can only reach so high.

Children even teach us to be photographers, to hurry and get that Kodak moment.

Later on in life our children teach us that sitting next to their brother or sister for that Kodak moment wasn’t all that bad after all. The pictures left behind created life-touching moments that we treasure for a life time.

Children teach their fathers that catching small fish and a few fish are the big catch of the day for children. Children also teach us that their infectious giggles can spread throughout a room in a short time.

Anyway you look at it, children teach us many valuable lessons in life.