Our American flag

May 19, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

If you ever take the time to really look around, you will see our American flag in many different places in our country.

You will see our American flag beautifully displayed at the bank, at the courthouse, at the church, at the work places, at the school, at the hospital, at the community parks, at the Legion, and at our homes.

When we see someone flying the flag, we understand that this person appreciates the freedoms of our great country. Our flag is of great importance as a reminder and symbol to us.

When you look at the American flag there are three important colors, red, white and blue. Red stands for blood, war and courage; white stands for purity; blue stands for justice and freedom.

I believe the flag is never better displayed than when a strong wind blows, the flag is fully unfurled and all the stars and stripes are visible.

One important element to remember is that the American flag is proud and strong to stand alone by itself. The 13 stripes represent the 13 colonies and the 50 stars represent the states of our country.

We have also been taught the proper way to fold our American flag. We are to also have a light on it when displaying it at night time. Try never to let the flag touch the ground or leave it out in the rain. Any American flag that’s torn, ripped, faded, and in bad shape should be given to the American Legion for proper disposal. As we see an American flag coming in our direction we should always display proper respect and stand and place our hand over our heart.

We should pause and think about those who have lost their lives trying to keep our country free. We should be grateful to those who are defending us each and every day. They are as strong as the flag itself, for the giving of themselves, to fight for our country and its freedom.

We should be proud of our American flag and for all that it represents and stands for.