Graduation, a milestone in life

June 2, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

This time of the year is graduation time. A time where most students will raise their hands high in the air, holding their diplomas, and say loudly, “I made it!”

This is a great accomplishment and milestone in one’s life. It clearly tells the student that chapter in their lives is over. Take all your knowledge and skills and go out into the world and share those gifts and talents with the world around you.

At first, you may feel insecure. You feel abandoned by your closest friends and classmates. You may have even felt protected by your teachers, and now you have to find that security all over again.

When you meet with the outside world, all the greatest challenges begin. You will experience that all that you know will be put to great test. Some experiences you will love, and some will turn your stomach around in circles.

You may find yourself more experienced in certain areas of your skills. You will also find there will be days that you will feel lost in the world because you don’t have the right answer or never experienced what was shown to you before.

You will find out in life that there is not one of us who knows all life’s answers. We are not shaped or designed to know everything in life. We are using our skills and gifts to aid and help others as a team. There is no, “I” in the word “team,” everybody works together in life.

Every day of your life you will learn something new, regardless of how old you are.

Every day will be a stepping stone to another adventure in life. We all grow in time and become wiser in life.

In time, you will reflect back to your high school setting and will think about what your teachers did for you and taught you. You will then realize all that they taught you has made you successful in life. They created a foundation for you to base your future upon.

One thing to remember is, “not all teachers are leaders, but all leaders are teachers.” There is a difference in their roles in life.

Down the road, you will reunite with your classmates at class reunions. You will reminisce about the past and realize how much each one has grown in their knowledge and profession.

There may even be classmates who will surprise you by taking a 90-degree turn in life. There may even be classmates that will have had many jobs, only to find the one that fits their skills and inner self emotionally.

You will be amazed to find we all have many skills, it’s just to explore with them and take them and use them in life. You will never know where your knowledge and skills will take you in life unless you try.

We are all gifted by God in many different ways, it’s just our responsibility to share them with the world around us. We all need to contribute our gifts, knowledge, time, and talents in order to be what God designed us to be.