Happy Father's Day grandpa

June 16, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.

An elderly man sat quietly in his lawn chair as he watched the birds fly from one tree to another tree to perch themselves.

The squirrels were busy racing from one place to another in such an amusing way.

The ducks waddled to the pond and silently made their way, only leaving a ripple behind on the water.

The elderly man found much enjoyment in nature and in all that they could do for simple entertainment.

The elderly man’s puppy came running to him, wagging his tail in excitement, knowing he would be loved. The elderly man lifted his puppy onto his lap and gently rubbed him behind his ears and across his back.

The elderly man’s attention was suddenly diverted to his own hands. He wondered just how many more wrinkles and protruding veins, not to mention the age spots, he would acquire. His hands looked rough. The arthritis and calluses were evident from many years of hard work.

Suddenly a little voice came from behind him and said, “Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa. Whatcha doing?”

The grandfather gave a big smile and said, “I’m watching nature and being entertained. Thanks for thinking of me on Father’s Day. You’re a courteous little boy.”

The grandson sat on the grass beside him to have some quality time with his grandfather. The grandfather sighed and then said to his Grandson, “Look at my hands.”

The grandson peeked over and giggled, “Grandpa, those hands are working hands. They’re busy hands. You have antique grandpa hands!”

The grandfather laughed and replied, “I must admit those hands were praying, working, creating, building, and caring for others hands.”

The grandfather’s arthritic hands quickly touched the shoulders of his grandson. The grandson questioned, “Grandpa, you said I was a courteous boy. What does that word mean?”

The grandfather cleared his throat and said, “It’s a word that when properly used will make you and another person feel good in life, no matter how old you are.”

The grandson blurted out, “I should try to be courteous all the time.”

The grandfather said, “It’s a universal word. Courtesy is thoughtfulness gently moving from an unselfish heart and extending to others. Using the word will make you liked. It manifests little acts of attention and consideration to others while eating, standing, sitting walking, in the workplace, days off, and at play. Courtesy is the passport to the world, without a time frame or ID required. Speak it and the world listens. It makes us welcome and wanted anywhere and anytime of the day.

“It’s like applying oil to machinery, it keeps it running smoothly. The most amazing thing is, it doesn’t cost anything and it conveys much. Only a hardhearted person will fail to give it to another. It’s the universal language in today’s world and much needed around us.”

The little Grandson stood up and said, “Grandpa, you may have rough and ragged hands, but your heart is like a flower bed, beautiful at all times.”