Enjoying summer time

July 7, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

Summer, is one of the seasons when God displays best, beautiful art work, and gifts of sensory to the world around us.

The smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing, and touching give us an enormous fulfillment within our day.

The sun shines brightly surrounded by the billowy clouds, giving us a touch of warmth and a gleam of brightness.

The birds are chirping with one another and flying in all directions. The squirrels make haste up and down the trees, on the green grass and wooded areas.

Our flower gardens, flower pots, and hanging baskets are beautifully displayed. The variety of flowers are at full bloom, and they individually give us their wonderful fragrance.

We are attracted to their beauty, for flowers are very eye appealing and send a message of beauty, hope, and love.

The trees and bushes are green and filledout, giving us a scent of pine and a feeling of rooted protection on a stormy day.

The ducks and swans leave a ripple on the water as they slowly flow with their little loved ones beside them.

The parks are filled with children laughing, giggling, and smiling, while swinging, sliding down the slide, climbing on the monkey bars, playing ball, Frisbee, or croquet.

Many families gather together for barbecues and picnics. The aroma of the barbecued foods spreads throughout the park. The marshmallow on a stick over open fire, we want to create that awesome chocolate, graham cracker s’more treat.

Radios are blaring, as the teens bop to their favorite tune while playing volleyball, softball, bean bag toss, lawn darts, or just finding some time to relax in a lawn chair.

The lakes are filled with people at the beach area, children are building sand castles, splashing, and having fun time in the water. The water skiers, jet skiers, and fishermen are all being entertained in their own individual way of excitement challenge and adventure.

Weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, birthday’s, and funerals take place, touching our soul in a joyous or saddened way.

Somehow our emotions are linked to one another regardless of what occasion is being held. Our heart finds a way to extend out to our loved ones, to make that day a day of remembrance.

The shopping stores extend out to you their 50 percent to 75 percent savings on clothes and summer merchandise on brightly designed posters and magazines to get your attention.

Our churches extend that “Welcome” mat, to come and partake and have our soul nourished and restored. A place that’s specifically designed for us to go and receive forgiveness, to become whole, and to receive the body and blood of Jesus before the foot of the cross.

The amusement parks are filled with carnival rides, water slides, variety of foods, music entertainment, face painting, merchandise selling, and many interesting animals of all shapes and sizes to see, hear, and touch.

Our American Flag stands alone, strong, displaying the red, white, and blue colors, representing freedom for all.

The fireworks burst into the sky giving us a beautiful display of assorted colors accompanied by a loud crackle.

It’s amazing to see how God designed our world to include many sensory items, to smell, taste, hear, see and touch within our day.