Searching for a wise investment

July 21, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

One day a little boy sat on his bed and was eagerly shaking the coins out of his piggy bank.

Clink, clink, clink, the quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies fell in a pile. The little boy was very excited with what he had saved over the years.

The little boy decided he wanted to buy something with his money that was fun. He put his fingers into the hole of his piggy bank and was amazed to see he had a few dollar bills stashed away as well.

The little boy placed all his coins and dollars in a fruit jar. He proudly walked up to his father and announced, “I have all this money saved and I want to go to the store and buy something fun to do, something adventurous, something where I have to think and use my hands.” The father chuckled a little but understood his son’s needs.

When entering the store the little boy raced up to the games. His eyes moved from one game box to another. He searched through all the game boxes shelf to shelf. He was determined he was going to find something of his interest.

In time, the little boy held in his hands the treasure he wanted. It was an assemble yourself airplane kit. His eyes glistened as he saw all the step by step instructions on the back side of the box.

He brought his fruit jar filled with money to the cash register and dumped it all out in front of the cashier. “There,” he said. “I found what I was searching for. This airplane is going to be fun to put together.”

The cashier counted the money piece by piece. She smiled at the little boy as she could see his little heart was just pounding with excitement. She smiled at the little boy and said, “You have enough money for your airplane.” He even received a few extra coins back. The father took his son by his hand and back home they went.

The little boy opened the box and dumped all the pieces onto the floor. The father pointed to the pieces and said to his son, “These are the wings, the tail, the fuselage, the nose, the propeller, and a plastic airplane pilot. Individually the pieces aren’t much, but when you assemble them together the right way, they are valuable parts of the plane.”

The little boy had curiosity in his mind. He questioned, “How do we get this airplane to stay together?”

The father replied, “This bottle of glue will hold your airplane together.” The little boy smiled and was content.

The little boy’s airplane somewhat resembles the Church. The Church is made up of many individual parts: people. We are those people. Like the pieces of the little boys airplane, we are many different shapes and sizes.

We, too, have been created in many unique ways. Some of us preach, some teach, some encourage, some support, and some lift up others in faith.

Yet the Church cannot hold together without Christ. He is the glue that binds us together and keeps us faithful.

In a short time the little boy assembled the airplane together with many hours of fun play time.

The little boy placed his airplane on his dresser and knew he had purchased something that was a wise investment.