Swapping sandals

August 4, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

This time of the year, there are many people of all ages who wear sandals. There are also many different types of sandals we can purchase at the stores.

Generally most of us are wanting something comfortable on our feet.

One day a young man was going for a walk. He walked with a limp, and every step showed signs of pain. His face showed what the feet were feeling.

Before we criticize the limper, we should try on his sandals. It might be an education no school, colage, feeling, or sermon could teach.

The faultfinder would be more tolerant of another’s limp, if he had to wear, for a little while, those nailpiercing sandals the other person has to wear all the time.

What a change in tone and pace, if society were to swap sandals. Faces that once smiled, would now have tears.

The human side, and the reality of Jesus wasn’t any different. In his many walks his feet resembled ours. They, too, became sore, calloused, and dirty.

Jesus walked many dusty, winding, gravel roads. He was on a two word mission. Those two simple words are still within our everyday mission.

All Jesus said was, “Follow me,” and they believed him. So, in faith, people gave their lives to him.

Thinking about it, this would have been the birthplace of a way of life, of a reality that would change the world forever.

Everywhere he went he said, “Follow me.” Eventually he had a band of followers.

People responded to him in various ways. Most became intrigued by his healing and miracles. They started attaching themselves to him. They believed, listened, obeyed, questioned, talked with, and learned from him. They saw and witnessed Jesus’ great unbelievable works. They captured the miracles no other human could do.

The followers then told others. The group of followers, in time, became a crowd of followers. There was something different about this Jesus. His teachings, actions, conversations were powerful.

Jesus walked as a human among humans. Jesus taught like no one ever had. Some of his teachings were razor sharp with truth. He cast out his words like fishing line and permanently touched people’s souls. He laid down his own net and saved the souls of many.

Eventually, a church was formed to help others follow Jesus. It was a gathering place. A place to be nourished, to be taught, and to reach out to others.

We lived in a messed up world, not one of us being better than another.

We’re people today, still helping and serving people just like Jesus did.

In reality Jesus humbly put his voice, hands, and feet into motion, instead of saying, “Not me!”

Leadership is a position not all can do, but it is a job most needed, to direct people into the right direction.

Yes, Jesus led the way by saying, “Follow me.” Those two simple words still live on in today’s world.

Many souls have been blessed with that uturn in life. They simply acknowledged those two little words, “Follow me,” and they were redirected to a better way of living.

“Inspirational Stories that Spark our Emotions abd Touch the Heart and Soul” by Pam Fiecke available at www.authorhouse.com.