God knew the answer

August 18, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

For anyone who has taken part in a missionary trip, it’s amazing what one learns while being involved in it; the culture, money exchange, living styles, religious beliefs, food, housing, jobs, transportation, and the list goes on.

We sometimes take for granted all the many things we have received on a daily basis. We should consider ourselves very fortunate and blessed.

Several years ago many of us went to Jamaica on a missionary trip.

Our thoughts were, “I’m going to a different country to help others.”

The difficult part of the trip wasn’t helping others, financial, fundraising, or taking off from work. The hardest part was having the courage to get to where we needed to be.

We sat in a bus and drove 21 miles in a spiral, going upward, on washed-out dirt roads with big cracks, and then to either side you looked was a cliff. As you drove up you noticed the stars seemed to get bigger and closer to you. We were thousands of feet above sea level.

We were there to help with medical and eye examinations. In one day, we helped 1,200 children, men, and women with their medical needs.

One lady surprised us all. After sitting down, one elderly woman offered us a small bag of change.

Looking at her, we realized that this was probably all the money she had. We told her that she didn’t need to pay, that we were there to serve her. She nodded her head with great dignity and said, “For God.” She put the money on the table and turned to be examined.

The person helping her paused a moment to think about the woman and marveled at her trust that God would provide for her needs.

After the woman left, we wondered what to do with her money.

Just then, a young woman with two crying children approached the table.

Her dress was old and tattered. She smiled and offered her apologies for her crying children as she sat to have her eyes examined. We looked at the squirming young ones, and it was clear what God wanted us to do.

We gave her the old woman’s coins. She looked surprised, not knowing what to make of it. We told her, “Please take this,” and tears filled her eyes as she accepted. We discovered later that the children hadn’t eaten and she couldn’t afford to feed them. God knew this woman’s circumstance, and he knew what he was going to do for her through the other woman.

Most often, we don’t pay attention to little needs being met in our day. They do happen and when they do, we can only be happy someone helped us along our dusty, winding, washedout road.