A hug genereates goodwill to others

September 29, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

We have all been around the elderly long enough to know they all have something to share verbally when it comes to their words of wisdom.

One day, an elderly gentleman caught me off guard and stunned me with his words of wisdom.

He always wore the most beautiful smile and his blue eyes glistened. He slowly walked with his cane in his hand to get from one place to another. He was always on some type of a mission, and very interested in people and what they did on a daily basis.

One time, when seeing him at a social gathering, I extended my hand out to him to shake his hand. I was excited to see him.

His beautiful smile came into play, he and said, “I don’t shake hands anymore, I only give hugs.” I was astounded at first, and then startled by what an amazing thing a person could say in the presence of many people.

From that day on, those words left a message that I or any other receiver could treasure for a lifetime.

One thing about a hug is, it’s recommended for all ages. It doesn’t stop there, for a hug generates good will.

A hug relieves tension, improves blood flow, reduces stress, and helps selfesteem. It’s nonpolluting, absolutely no cost, non taxable. Silent performance. No batteries required, no credit card or identification needed. Extremely personal, fully returnable.

How can a person go wrong with such a perfect gift of interaction?

Both parties feel good inside, and a touch of warmth covers each other’s hearts for the day.

It’s a simple interaction with humans that makes us feel wanted and respected for who we are.

If you ever see two people hug each other in a “just anywhere” place, it’s a heart-warming experience to see between humans. It’s a burst of love between people we care for, are happy for, or want to comfort.

We all need to be connected with each other. Hugging has a high rating in today’s world.

On our joyous days and on our saddened days a hug fills that space that needs human repair and tending to.

In our everyday walk, we will always see a person in need of that wrap-around hug. It’s a real booster for all ages and for all walks of life.