'I'll wait till I'm older'

September 6, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

Anything we want to do in life starts with an idea, and our vision.

Somehow an idea or thought entered our mind. Next, our desires, thoughts, and actions within time are put into play. Over and over in our mind our ideas become a kaleidoscope of many different game plans along with our vision.

We become excited, nervous, and joyous for wanting that idea and vision to become not only an idea and a vision but a reality in life.

One day a little boy went walking with his father. His tiny little fingers were entwined around his father’s big fingers.

The little boy learned much with all his who, what, where, and why questions.

In every step he took along life’s journey he became wiser. The little boy realized that he had many questions answered but he was too small to put them into action. He said to his father, “I’ll wait till I’m older.”

The boy soon became a teenager who had adventurous ideas of how to build the perfect world for all to live in.

The teenager, with all his ideas, didn’t know how to build a foundation to build his ideas and vision upon. He said to his father, “I’ll wait till I’m older.”

He soon became a man. He told his father to sit and watch, for his ideas and vision was this time going to become a reality.

The father asked his son, “What are your ideas and your vision telling you this time?”

The son replied, “I want to walk on life’s journey but at the same time I want people to feel comfortable, welcome, nourished, and served. A place they can come as a family and reminisce about days from the past and just have fun.

I want to serve my finest and bring a smile to all who enter. When they leave I want them to feel I met their desires, so they’ll return again.”

His idea and vision brought him to the reality of opening a restaurant.

He found joy and contentment in all his days that he served people.

His “welcome” never wore out. He always managed to find a smile on his patron’s face, on their way in or on their way out.

His idea and vision proved to those around him that he could build a better world.

His father had one last question, “When do you plan to retire and take it easy?” The son replied, “I’ll wait till I’m older.”