Helping others along life's journey

November 10, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

Just recently on my way to town I saw on the roadside bag after bag of donated clothes and miscellaneous items.

The bags were clearly marked. “EF” meaning, Epilepsy Foundation.

Regardless of where you look nowadays there are people helping the poor and the homeless.

Containers are parked on street corners for clothes and miscellaneous goods to be placed in.

Churches and many other groups are collecting food for the food shelves. We now have food lines offered for anyone to come and eat a meal.

Many high school children and adults are getting the experience of volunteering their time on missionary trips to help the poor and lonely.

Doctors, nurses, ministers and lay people are religiously and medically helping in different areas of the world.

Money donations are being collected.

There are volunteers helping organizations for cancer, diabetes, aides, muscular dystrophy, transplant, leukemia, and others.

Anyway you look at it, these people are giving people. These people have been taught, “this is our work in the world.”

There are homes and shelters for the homeless. There will always be poor, lonely, starving, and uneducated people in this world.

Our job is to extend the spark of hope to our fellow men, to have a willing heart and to have serving hands and feet.

We should never fall short in helping someone a little bit less than ourselves. It not only makes the receiver feel good, you will also feel good inside for helping another person along on life’s journey.