A grateful heart

November 24, 2008

by Pam Fiecke

The potatoes are boiling, the gravy is simmering, and the turkey is in the oven, filling the air with the fragrance of anticipation.

The top homemade breads shine from being smothered in butter.

The pies are cooling on the rack, overflowing with the fruits of the earth.

Family and cherished friends will gather at the table shoulder-to-shoulder, to rejoice in the bounty of blessings, and lift up their hearts in thanksgiving.

As the table is set with freshly laundered linens, sparkling crystal, and gleaming China. The silver shines, the candles glow, and the flowers delight us with their beauty.

Let us rejoice and praise the giver of all good. We have so much to be thankful for.

A grandmother once asked while surrounded by her thanksgiving guests, “who would like to say the table prayer?”

It was silent for a moment as the adults stirred, looking at each other until her grandson, at the age of 5 who was hidden amongst the family, blurted out, “I’ll do it!”

The grandmother was astounded, for she had no knowledge of him knowing any prayer. The grandmother in awe for a moment. She then became excited thinking that any type of prayer would be sufficient.

The grandson respectfully folded his hands, bowed his head, and began the prayer he knew. He slowly said, “Come Lord Jesus be our guest and . . . and . . .”

The grandmother with a soft whisper assisted him, “and let thy gifts to be blessed, amen.”

It didn’t matter what kind of prayer he said, – what mattered was his prayer was meaningful to him and from his little heart.

It didn’t matter how slow and how long his prayer was, what mattered was his intentions were of first learning about prayer and in time becoming better at it.

It didn’t matter what type of words he used for the prayer he said, what mattered was he asked for our creator to be present be our guest, and for our gifts, to us be blessed.

It didn’t matter his age, what mattered was his heart was open to giving thanks to all he was surrounded with.

We have been blessed and surrounded with so much that we often forget the gift of the grateful hearts. Hearts that will not forget what our creator has done for each and everyone of us.