Voters need a checklist

February 4, 2008

by Roz Kohls

Some politicians on both sides, Republican and Democratic, are making wishy-washy gurgles about how they will handle illegal immigration if they are elected. It’s hard for the average voter to figure out where they stand.US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) came up with 15 specific questions we can ask candidates to assess their credibility on the illegal immigration issue. Here they are:

If elected, will you:

1) complete construction of the 700-mile southern border fence required by the Secure Fence Act, or support such construction?

2) expand the already successful Zero Tolerance Prosecution Policy from three to all 20 border sectors, and support statutory mandatory minimum sentences for the crimes of illegal entry, re-entry, and re-entry after deportation for any felony?

3) complete the 10-year past due exit portion of the visitor and immigrant status indicator system so that future overstays can be identified?

4) require all employers to use the electronic verification system to check the legal status of all employees and decrease the number of documents employers must accept to prove legal status?

5) require biometric ID cards for all non-citizens or fingerprint encoded identification for all aliens authorized to work?

6) eliminate identity theft by using “no Social Security number match” notices as evidence that employers knew they were employing an illegal alien under a Social Security number issued to someone else?

7) form partnerships with state and local law enforcement for immigration enforcement?

8) implement a mandatory federal response to state and local law enforcement when they apprehend an illegal alien for a DUI, child abuse crime, or any felony?

9) end catch-and-release that allows illegal aliens to be released on bail?

10) expand the National Crime Information Centers’ immigration violators file to include aliens who have overstayed and those whose visas have been revoked?

11) deny federal funds to cities, states, universities, and other entities that implement sanctuary policies, issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, or offer educational benefits not available to all legal residents and citizens?

12) close financial loopholes that allow illegal aliens to open US-based bank accounts?

13) replace visa lottery and chain or extended family migration with a merit-based immigration system?

14) take a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens off the table, so only legal immigrants may apply?

15) ask Congress for necessary laws or funds to execute these commitments?

The next time a candidate approaches you, asking for your vote, pull this list out of your wallet, and see how he or she responds.