Obama stays with racist pastor

March 31, 2008

by Roz Kohls

US Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has the right to his own opinions, just like the two pastors at my church, have the right to their own opinions.

Wright’s alleged opinions have shown for the past 20 years that he is a racist. That doesn’t make Obama a racist, however, because Wright happens to be his pastor.

I guarantee, though, we will be told this, that Obama is not responsible for Wright, over and over until the election in November.

Wright’s alleged racism is only the tip of the iceberg, however.

Not only did Wright call America the “U-KKK- of America,” and scream “God damn America,” instead of “God bless America,” from the pulpit, Wright has made other questionable statements.

Wright allegedly said from the pulpit of his church, Trinity, in Chicago, that the US government invented the HIV virus “as a means of genocide against people of color.”

Wright also said the United States was morally responsible for 9/11, because white people in this country used nuclear weapons against Japan during World War II, and committed other crimes around the world, as well.

Wright also said President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor in advance of 1941, and lied about it.

White people in the government give drugs to black people to make them addicted, and then throw blacks in jail for possessing or selling drugs, Wright added.

The big question is, why did Obama stay a member of Wright’s church, year after year, and sit in the pew and listen to this garbage? Why did Obama also allow his children to listen to this vitriol year after year?

Both of Obama’s children were baptized by Wright. Obama also gave $22,500 to the church two years ago.

Obama defends his continued relationship with Wright with two propositions, according to a June 21 column by psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer, in Real Clear Politics.

First, Obama claims what Wright said is morally equivalent to what his white grandmother had confided to him in private. She said she sometimes feared black men who passed her on the street. She also uttered racial stereotypes more than once, Obama is quoted as saying.

“But did she shout them in a crowded theater to incite, enrage and poison others?” Krauthammer asked.

There were plenty of young people in the congregation at Trinity, people who were born long after slavery and legal segregation had ended. Aren’t they going to be influenced by Wright’s rants?

Obama’s second defense of Wright is white guilt, Krauthammer said. Black hate speech by Wright and other blacks is the result of white racism, Obama claims.

In other words, what Wright has said is really white people’s fault, not his. I don’t buy that at all.