Bigfoot trumps John Edwards

Aug. 25, 2008

by Roz Kohls

Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer, Bigfoot trackers from Georgia, claim they found a Bigfoot corpse in the woods of north Georgia. They have the hairy corpse crammed in a freezer, and will use its DNA to prove, once and for all, Sasquatch’s existence, the men announced in July.

The men said the hairy creature is a 7-foot, 7-inch male, weighing 550 pounds, with 16-inch-long feet, and reddish hair.

Where did the information for this silly tabloid-style story come from? It was in an Aug. 15 account from a local NBC affiliate, a mainstream news outlet. The NBC reporter was skeptical, but still reported it.

At the same time Whitton and Dyer were putting together their reported discovery on YouTube videos, press releases and their web site, the mainstream news media was busy ignoring another bigger story. Why? They claimed they didn’t want to follow the lead of the National Enquirer, which they deem a sensationalist tabloid.

The National Enquirer broke the story that Democratic president-wannabe, John Edwards had an affair with one of his campaign workers, Rielle Hunter, and allegedly had a child with her. First, the story started with rumors. Then, it became credible accounts.

Political reporters were notably not curious, despite Edwards being one of the major Democratic candidates, and a possible running mate with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)

“The New York Times deserves special scorn after running an innuendo-filled piece on an alleged affair between Sen. John McCain and a lobbyist, but being struck deaf and dumb over the Edwards story,” said TMV columnist Shaun Mullen Aug. 9.

Even TV comedians, such as David Letterman, were making jokes about Edwards’ affair. Still, the mainstream news media refused to check it out.

There also was an allegation that campaign funds were used to silence Hunter. When Edwards finally confessed to the affair on “Nightline,” he hinted Hunter might have tried to extort money from him and his campaign, according to Mullen.

You’d think, since the news media are so enthralled with Democratic candidates, they would have covered the story of Edwards as being allegedly a “victim” of a crime. They didn’t do that either. We heard nothing but silence.

Edwards is offering a DNA sample to prove he is not the father of Hunter’s child. A DNA sample is useless, though, unless the mother of the child allows a DNA sample from the child as well. Otherwise, there’s nothing to compare it to.

Notice how the mainstream news media is silent about that, also? Could it be because Edwards is a Democrat?

Maybe if Edwards was covered with reddish hair and had big feet, the mainstream news media would’ve broken the story first.