A little something for everyone

Jan. 14, 2008

by Aaron Schultz

Unsure of what, exactly, to write about in my column this week, I figured I just go with the always safe few-comments-on-a-variety-of-topics version.

To start out with, I like to make Rollie Radtke happy and talk about the upcoming state dart tournament.

I know Rollie always likes to read about my dart exploits.

This will be my sixth state tournament, and I am pretty excited for the event, as always.

This year it is in Rochester, and begins Thursday, and runs through Sunday.

While most of the time I fail to place in any of the many events I compete in, I have a good feeling that this year is going to be my year.

Will it be? Probably not, but one has to hope.

Next up on my list to ramble a little bit about is the Twins.

They still have been unable to trade Johan Santana, and it looks like they are not going to be able to get full value if they end up trading him.

Here is my solution: suck it up Pohlad, and pay him.

You have already offered him $20 million a year for four years, just extend it to six years and be done with it.

Santana is too good a pitcher to get less than market price in a trade, and you can’t let him go for nothing after the season.

So, just open that very fat wallet of yours and give us Twins fans some hope for the next few years.

My final topic of discussion is amateur baseball. Last week the state board voted to keep the Plato Blue Jays in Class C, instead of moving them up to Class B as they had discussed.

This was a very wise decision by the board, as the Blue Jays wouldn’t have fared very well in the higher class.

Sure, their line-up is probably a Class B line-up, but their pitching would have struggled.

The big reason they won the Class C state tournament a year ago was due to the pitching of a pair of drafted pitchers.

Also, the board has now set up guidelines for moving Class C teams up to Class B after each season.

It is about time.

That is all the space I have this week to ramble in.

Top 100 movie quotes

The top 100 movie quotes picked by ESPN continue, with quotes 70 through 66.

• 70: “My mother was 13 years old when I was born. Why? Because my dad raped a little girl that was in a room, asleep. My dad was going out with my mother’s mother. There you go. There’s some bones for Jake the Snake.”

Alright, this comes from the movie “Beyond the Mat,” a movie that makes fun of professional wrestling.

First off, I haven’t seen the movie. I know, big shock. Secondly, while I think it passes as a sports movie, I really don’t like this quote all that much.

• 69: “Hi, my name’s Mae, and that’s more than a name, that’s an attitude.”

Just a great movie, “A League of Their Own.” However, the quote doesn’t do much for me, and isn’t one that would have made my list.

• 68: “He didn’t slam into you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t even nudge you. He rubbed you. And rubbin’, son, is racin.”

Here we go, a quote that belongs on this list. The movie it comes from is “Days of Thunder,” a racing movie starring Tom Hanks.

Before I even knew what NASCAR was, I saw this movie and really, really enjoyed it. And the quote is great.

• 67: “Listen, Lupus, you didn’t come into this life just to sit around on a dugout bench, did ya? Now get your butt out there and do the best you can.”

Another very good movie, “The Bad News Bears.”

Of course, there was a remake, but nothing beats the original. I like the movie, and the quote is also pretty good.

• 66: “Wormser is a master of aerodynamics. He has engineered the javelin to complement Lamar’s limp-wristed throwing style.”

This comes from the movie “Revenge of the Nerds.” A really good movie, but not a sports movie, so I don’t believe the quote belongs on this list.

The quote is pretty good, though. Every time I hear or read the quote, all I can think about is how Jacob Schlagel throws darts. Sorry Cob, but it’s true.