Snow, snow go away – please

March 24, 2008

by Aaron Schultz

As I sit in my office Friday morning looking out the window at all the snow falling down, I can’t help but get a little frustrated.

Just two days earlier, I had the Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity baseball team outside, practicing in a church parking lot as temperatures neared 50 degrees.

Now, just 48 hours later, I had to cancel my morning practice because of this stupid white stuff falling from the sky – isn’t Minnesota great!

Thus is the life of a high school baseball coach in Minnesota.

While I’ll complain, and whine with the best of them about this stupid snow, I have accepted the fact that this is our baseball fate.

Growing up in Lester Prairie, and playing baseball all my life, I have come to expect Mother Nature to toy with us in the spring.

She always seems to tease us with some very nice weather early on, then, just as my baseball fever is really kicking in, the snow begins to fall.

This got me to thinking about some of my least favorite baseball memories of the early spring, and I came up with two that stand out.

The first one that never leaves my mind occurred back when I was a young Bulldog playing junior varsity baseball.

We had a game in Rockford, the first one of the season, and the temperatures were hovering around the freezing mark.

When we reached the field, there seemed to be more snow around the field than brown grass on it.

Although I don’t remember any details of the game itself, I do remember it being unbearably cold out, and a moment when I was warming up to pitch – yeah, warming up, right.

Anyways, I was pitching and every time the ball would get past my catcher, it would end up in a snowbank. How fun!

This brings me to my second least favorite memory of early season baseball, which occurred during my freshman year of college.

As a freshman at Hamline University, we didn’t get to make the trip to Florida or Texas like so many other colleges do.

Nope, instead, we traveled to Missouri for our southern trip.

Sure enough, it was anything but summer-like there, as I think the temperature in Minnesota may have been warmer than it was in Missouri on this trip.

Well, I think it was our second game of the trip, and in my first at-bat of the game, I fouled a pitch right off the top of my foot.

After falling down in a heap, I limped back to the bench and was taken out of the game.

With the temperature around 20 degrees, the trainer took my spike and socks off to reveal a very swollen foot/ankle.

What occurred next still gives me goose bumps, as the trainer put ice on my foot and directed me to keep it there for 15 to 20 minutes.

Nothing like putting ice on an already frozen exposed part of the body.

To say the least I wasn’t at all disappointed when that ice was taken off and I got to head onto the bus to warm up.

Top 100 movie quotes

The top 100 movie quotes picked by ESPN continue, with quotes 35 through 31.

• 35: “Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn’t let them down, because you told them the truth. And that truth is that you did everything that you could. There wasn’t one more thing that you could’ve done. Can you live in that moment, as best you can, with clear eyes and love in your heart? With joy in your heart? If you can do that, gentlemen, then you’re perfect.”

Alright, this quote is just a little too long for me, but I guess it isn’t too bad.

It comes from a movie that (wait for it), I haven’t seen, “Friday Night Lights.”

While I think this quote does belong on the list, I wouldn’t have it this high.

• 34: “Billy, listen to me. White men can’t jump.” Great quote from the movie “White Men Can’t Jump.”

This movie is very good, and the quote is pretty much right about where I would put it on my own list.

• 33: “Hey, Yankees, you can take your apology and your trophy and shove ‘em straight up your butt.”

Okay, first off, I had to change one of the words in the quote because this is a family newspaper.

However, I wished I wouldn’t have had to because I really like this quote from the movie “The Bad News Bears.”

I like the quote so much, I’d probably have it in my top 10.

• 32: “Put it in the face!” This quote comes from the movie “Coming to America.”

The quote is very funny, and the movie is equally as good, but since it really has nothing to do with sports, I would leave it off my list.

• 31: “Sometime when the team is up against it and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go out there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper.”

One of the most famous quotes ever to come from a movie, that movie being “Knute Rockne, All-American.”

To be honest, I don’t ever remember seeing this movie, but the quote is legendary, and probably should be even higher on this list.