A little bit of football

July 21, 2008

by Aaron Schultz

Once again, the summer is in full swing, and once again, I have a hard time putting out a column on a regular basis.

I know, I know, many of you might be happy about that, but too bad, I’m back.

Since it has been so long since my last column, I figured I’d do what I do from time-to-time, and write a little about everything that has been going on.

First and foremost, I’d like to talk a little bit about the maybe retired, maybe not Green Bay Packer quarterback Brett Farve. Or should I say soon to be Minnesota Viking quarterback?

Hmmm, doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Viking’s quarterback Brett Farve.

Now, the Packers are claiming that the Vikings tampered with Farve, and have asked the NFL to investigate.

What a joke this whole situation has become.

Here’s an idea, just take him back, Green Bay.

Farve is going to go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks that ever played the game, and he had a pretty good year in 2007.

Why are you guys even hesitating in bringing him back?

It makes no sense to me. If you aren’t going to let him come back, just release him and be done with it already.

Either way, I’m getting sick of hearing about it, so find some kind of resolution.

Shifting away from Farve, let’s take a quick look at the Vikings.

Is everybody else as excited as I am for the start of the Vikings’ season?

With the addition of Jared Allen to an already strong defense, I have visions of the days of Alan Page and Jim Marshall coming again.

While the defense should be as strong as ever for the Vikings, the offense behind Adrian Peterson should be improved.

Now, the only big question is will T-Jack take the next step and be, at least, a serviceable NFL quarterback?

If the Vikings don’t make a run this year it will be because T-Jack wasn’t ready to be the man.

And if that is the case, I think Childress should get fired.

Childress has, on paper, as good a team in the NFC as anyone, with one exception – quarterback.

Instead of going out to find a solid veteran starter, he has decided to go with T-Jack.

Of course, there is always that Farve guy from across the border that might not be fully retired.

Enough already, I have got to stop dreaming of Farve in purple. I’m only going to get disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

The last item I’d like to hit stays with the football theme, and it concerns fantasy football.

We are less than a month away from draft time, and I have already gone out and bought my first fantasy football book of the year – yeah, I know, I’m a dork.

The questions is, who is the top player – Tomlinson, or our own Peterson?

Without question, in my mind, it is Peterson, but I have heard many people tell me they think Tomlinson is better. I guess we’ll see.

Top 100 movie quotes

The top 100 movie quotes picked by ESPN continue, with quotes 10 through 6.

• 10: “You’re gonna eat lightning, and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

From the movie “Rocky.”

• 9: “Oh, there they go. There they go. Every time I start talkin’ about boxing, a white man go to pull Rocky Marciano out of their a@#. That’s their one, that’s their one. Rocky Marciano! Rocky Marciano!”

From the movie “Coming to America.”

• 8: “You guys. You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Larry! Lollygaggers!”

From the movie “Bull Durham.”

• 7: “There’s no crying in baseball!”

From the movie “A League of Their Own.”

• 6: “Sweep the leg.”

From the movie “The Karate Kid.”