Fall sports here already?

August 11, 2008

by Aaron Schultz

It just doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true – the high school fall sports season is upon us starting today (Monday).

Early this morning football and volleyball players, along with cross country runners from Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity and Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, hit their respective practice fields or courts and kicked off the 2008-09 high school season.

To tell you the truth, I’m not ready for it yet.

I don’t know why, either.

Maybe it is just because my baseball season this summer ended too abruptly. I just don’t know.

Every year I get excited for the start of the high school sports season, with volleyball and football being two of my favorite sports to cover.

However, this year, as I sit at my desk getting things ready for the upcoming previews (which, by the way, are a few weeks out), I just don’t feel excited.

Will that feeling change for me? Yes, I have no doubt it will.

Even now, the more I think about standing on the sidelines during a high school football game, my anticipation level is starting to rise.

Yet, I still don’t feel excited. But I know that will, and has to, change. I just like high school football too much.

I guess my mind must still be with the Winsted Wildcats and the tough playoff loss we had.

You know what? I’m guessing with-in a week I’ll be chomping at the bit, ready to dive into football and volleyball action.

I must just need a little time to decompress from the baseball season – a season that didn’t end the right way, at least for me.

Now let’s just hope we don’t get a terrible heat wave these next two weeks so that two-a-days are a little more bearable for everyone at football practice.

Two new volleyball coaches

Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted and Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity will have new people in charge of their volleyball programs when they take the courts this morning.

For LP/HT, Emily Lynch, a teacher at Holy Trinity, will be taking the reigns over for Angie Kohn, who is no longer in the area.

As for HLWW, Christin LaMott is now in charge. LaMott was a former Lester Prairie volleyball coach, and was the junior varsity coach for the Lakers last year.

Look for much more information on these two new head coaches in the volleyball previews, which will be coming at the end of August.

Kleys headed to state

Joe Kley, who was drafted by the Watertown Red Devils, will be appearing in the 2008 Class C state tournament Saturday, Aug. 16 in Shakopee.

But, will his older brother, Tony Kley, also be in Shakopee playing in state? It is a possibility.

Tony was drafted by the Glencoe Brewers, and he pitched eight strong innings for the Brewers in the Region 7C tournament.

The Brewers ended up falling to Brownton in 15 innings, ending their season.

However, there was another draft this past Sunday with Albertville and Watertown each getting to select another player from the pool of players that participated in the region tournament.

While it isn’t a lock, the scuttle bug that I have heard was that there was a distinct possibility that one of those two teams would take Tony.

I hope he does get picked. Tony had a fantastic season, and deserves to get drafted again.

Anyways, good luck Red Devils in state. Make a good run.

Opening two high school football games

The Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Lakers’ football team will open its season Thursday, Aug. 28 at Norwood Young America at 7 p.m.

As for the Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity Bulldogs, they will kick off the 2008 season Friday, Aug. 29, in Lester Prairie, against Mankato Loyola.

Also, LP/HT will be playing a varsity football game in Winsted this season, with that game coming Friday, Oct. 10 against Providence Academy at 7 p.m.