Neumann gets the BBB job

August 25, 2008

by Aaron Schultz

At the Lester Prairie School Board meeting this past Monday, the board approved the naming of Dean Neumann head boys’ basketball coach for 2008-09 season.

Neumann had been the long-time head coach for the Holy Trinity Trojans prior to the pairing with Lester Prairie last year.

When the two schools paired for all sports, Lester Prairie head coach Brian Korf was awarded the head coaching position for the new pairing, while Neumann stayed on as a top assistant.

Then, this summer, Korf was offered a position of athletic director at his home town of Pelican Rapids, and couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

That is when the rumors starting flying about who would take over the boys’ basketball program.

A number of names swirled about, and there was also some confusion about who would get, and who might have been promised, the job.

But, in the end, the job went to Neumann.

There is a full story from the school board meeting starting on the front of the A section of the Herald Journal.

While I’m not going to get into the specifics of the many, many rumors I had heard throughout the summer – some probably true, many probably not, I would like to say this.

I think Neumann will do an outstanding job in Korf’s place, and we will continue to watch a very successful Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity boys’ basketball program.

Don’t get me wrong, of all the sports I cover, basketball is probably my least knowledgeable, aside from running sports.

But in my years of watching Neumann on the sidelines for Holy Trinity while covering the Trojans, he appeared to be a very passionate coach.

Then I would talk to him every week to get the information from their games for the articles in the paper, and he sure knows basketball.

Since that is the extent of my knowledge, that is where I’ll leave off.

And yes, I probably don’t even know that much, but I sure can pretend I’m smart from time-to-time.

At least I hope I pull it off, or I must really look like a fool.

Slowpitch might be my game, but I hope not

Last week I told everybody how I might have to hang up my softball bag.

Well, that statement might have to change to my modified softball bag.

Playing in the Hollywood fall co-rec slowpitch league last week, I played pretty good.

I hit two bombs and pitched our team to two wins.

Wow, this is sad, I have to get my athletic glory from slowpitch softball.

I guess it is my own fault, and if I don’t want to just be a slowpitch player, I’ll need to get into shape.