It’s the quiet before the winter storm

November 3, 2008

by Aaron Schultz

With the loss of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Lakers’ volleyball team and the Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity football team this past weekend, the fall sports season is officially over for LP/HT and HLWW.

Next up on the agenda for Laker and Bulldog athletes is the winter sports season, but it will be a little while.

Girls’ basketball and gymnastics cannot begin practice until Monday, Nov. 17, while boys’ basketball and wrestling won’t kick off until Monday, Nov. 24.

That leaves a full two weeks without any Laker or Bulldog sporting event to cover.

What’s a sports editor to do?

Well, I decided with all this time off that I would go ahead and finally get married.

I know, that might seem kind of like a drastic step to take just because I don’t have any LP/HT or HLWW sports to cover, but what the heck.

Now, that is dedication to my job, wouldn’t you say? I actually planned my wedding around the sports’ season so that I wouldn’t miss a thing.

OK, I may be just a bit full of crap with that last statement.

Jody, my better half, and I started planning this wedding in February, and it just happen to fall during this sports down period.

However, two things did go into my planning for the wedding.

The first was that I didn’t want it to be in the spring or summer so that it wouldn’t interfere with high school or amateur baseball.

The only other request I made in the planning stages was that we didn’t get married over the deer hunting opener.

Sure, we could have had our wedding this upcoming weekend (firearms’ deer hunting opener), but I’m pretty sure over half of my relatives would have just sent a card instead of showing up.

Now you all know where I rank in my family. Just above pheasant hunting, but below deer hunting.

Anyway, after the wedding, which was Saturday, Jody and I left on our honeymoon, and we’ll be gone for two full weeks.


While many of you may know where we’re headed, I’m not going to mention it in this column for one simple reason. So that I have something to write about when I get back.

Just because I’ll be gone doesn’t mean that there won’t be a sports section in the next two issues of the paper.

Delano Herald Journal sports editor Matt Kane, along with some help from Enterprise Dispatch sports editor Stephen Wiblemo will be in charge of putting out the Herald Journal sports.

I just hope that they don’t do too good of a job so that I still have a job on my return.

When I do get back it will be right into the fire as the winter sports season will begin.

The winter season is the longest, by far, and while I’m excited for it to start, I know that come February I’ll be ready for the section tournaments to begin already.

I don’t know if it is because the season is so long, or the limited amount of daylight, or just the cold weather, but come February I am ready for spring to show up.

It could also be that in February I start getting ready for baseball.

One way or another, the winter season is nearly here, and it should be another exciting year.

Maybe I should have planned my wedding for February. Nah, I don’t think Jody would have liked getting married too much in a winter storm.

Forgot wrestling

In last week’s column I talked about how football is different from any other high school sport in that most of us don’t continue to play football when high school is over.

Being the idiot I can be sometimes, I totally forgot to mention wrestling – a sport I participated in while in high school.

Like football, not too many people continue their wrestling careers after high school. And also like football, wrestling is a very physically demanding sport.

However, wrestling participants are nowhere near that for football.

To all my fellow former wrestlers, I apologize.