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Emmer unveils plan to address shortcomings to MinnesotaCare

October 20, 2008

New plan would be more efficient, provide better care, Emmer says

By Lynda Jensen
Staff Writer

After months of work, State Rep. Tom Emmer unveiled a plan that would address what he says are shortcomings in the health insurance plan MinnesotaCare.

“In my opinion, MinnesotaCare does not provide adequate coverage, nor does it give people in need the same access to health care afforded to the average middle class Minnesota family,” Emmer said.

His new plan, which is detailed inside, would be more efficient and provide better care, he said.

“I believe we could save as much as 30 percent in administrative costs and that we could use money currently paying for MinnesotaCare available to citizens in the form of a voucher that would allow them to participate in the private insurance market.” 

This way, families in need could actually obtain coverage comparable to the average middle class Minnesota family, he added.

During a recent health care forum in Waverly, Emmer alluded to this plan and the work he was doing on it, but these facts were unintentionally omitted from the article about the forum.

Emmer noted that both Democrats and Republicans want similar things when it comes to health care.

“In fact, we all want essentially the same things from our healthcare system. We want the ability to make the best healthcare decisions possible for ourselves and our families and we want to have access to the best care, at an affordable price,” he noted.

“We have the best healthcare in the world,” he said. “Anyone who claims that there are people who can’t get care are either ignorant or purposely misleading. The fact is that anyone who presents to an emergency room will get treatment. The claim that we have an extraordinary number of citizens without health care insurance in this state is similarly not true. In fact, roughly 94 percent of the residents in our state have health care insurance. Of those that are not insured, many are eligible that simply choose not to enroll.”

To read a draft of the proposed legislation, click here.


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