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HLWW Superintendent George Ladd to retire

December 8, 2008

HOWARD LAKE-WAVERLY-WINSTED, MN - George Ladd, superintendent for Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted schools, turned in his resignation, as his plans are to retire after seven years of service to the district, and 35 years in education.

“It’s just time,” Ladd said, recapping his 35 years of service in education at various school districts. Ladd’s resignation will take effect June 30, 2009.

His last job before taking his position at HLWW was as superintendent of McLeod West Schools.

In Ladd’s letter of resignation, he highlighted some of the accomplishments and struggles that the board has faced.

“I believe we have made progress in many areas that has put the district in good position for years to come,” Ladd said. “We have been able to address curriculum upgrades at all levels, add extended day kindergarten, reading upgrades, advanced placement classes and other electives. We were able to add programs for students during tough financial times,” he added.

Ladd also expressed frustration with state funding, which he believes to be inadequate, unpredictable and not equitable.

“The frustration has never been with the local voters, as the state has set up this format which is unfair for many local school districts such as HLWW,” Ladd said.

“I enjoyed working with George,” Lori Custer, HLWW board member, said. “He’s kind and good-hearted and worked hard for the district. It’s a loss for the district, but we wish him well,” Custer added.

“He’s gotten the board to function like a board,” Board Member Charles Weber said. “This is one of the best boards I’ve served on. He’s been a good friend, and I hate to see him go.”


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