Alternate through-truck route now in effect around Delano

June 9, 2008

Although not mandatory, it’s strongly recommended

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

An alternate route has been established for semi trucks traveling through Delano to other destinations, and went into effect Wednesday.

Signs have been placed along Highway 12 near Wright County Road 14 coming from the west, encouraging semi trucks to travel north on Wright County Road 14 to Wright County Road 32, heading into Rockford and onto Highway 55, and then heading south again on Hennepin County Road 92 and back to Highway 12.

A press release from Minnesota Department of Transportation said the truck drivers “are strongly encouraged to follow a signed ‘truck detour’ around Delano.”

Motorists and local truck deliveries may continue to use the Highway 12 detour through Delano.

The Delano detour has tight intersection turning radiuses for semitrailers to maneuver.

“Truckers who usually travel through Delano are strongly encouraged to use the signed truck detour to alleviate congestion on the local detour,” according to MnDOT

Cyndi Orr, owner of Curves for Women in Delano, located at the intersection of River Street and Bridge Avenue, said when the suggested detour went into effect, she noticed a large drop in truck traffic, which seemed to help traffic flow better through the intersection.

“We noticed a lot less trucks in town,” Orr said. “There has been a big difference,

She said between the rerouted trucks and school being closed, traffic seems to be flowing better.

Delano City Administrator Phil Kern said the goal of the alternate truck route was two-fold. It’ll help eliminate congestion at the downtown intersection at peak times, and also reduce noise through town.

Kern noted that while the city is appreciative MnDOT was able to set up the truck detour, one downfall of it will be now that the existing bridge on Highway 12 over the Crow River is beginning to be demolished, construction trucks will need to use the bridge on Bridge Avenue to cross the Crow River to get from one side to the other of the project.

“All of the gravel and sand trucks that have been bringing materials to the Highway 12 site have been using the bridge,” he said.

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