DC senior becomes finalist for scholarship poster design

March 17, 2008

Kendra Osmondson designs poster for Art Institutes International of Minn.

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Even though she grew up in an artistic family, it wasn’t until middle school when Dassel-Cokato senior Kendra Osmondson truly became interested in art.

“It was the only thing I really liked to do, so I took a lot of art classes,” she said.

Recently, Osmondson applied and was accepted to The Art Institutes International of Minnesota.

In an effort to score a tuition scholarship, Osmondson participated in a poster design competition. For her poster design, click here.

In partnership with Americans for the Arts, a non profit organization bringing opportunities in arts, the competition is “an opportunity for talented young artists at the high school level to study graphic design, earn a degree, and launch a professional career in the graphic design field,” said Anj Kozel, director of communications for the Arts Institutes International of Minnesota.

With her poster design, Osmondson is one of the finalists to be judged Friday, March 28. There will be a first place winner ($3,000) and a second place winner ($2,000). The first place winner will then go on for judging on a national level, which takes place in April.

The theme for the poster, “Life is better with art in it,” needed to be incorporated in the artwork.

Osmondson grew up with art in her family. Her father is a web page designer.

For relaxation and a type of therapy, Osmondson would draw and paint. Soon, she turned her art into graphics by capturing it on a photo and putting it on computer.

She likes the freedom and creativity Adobe Photoshop allows her to do with art.

With this program, designers can change lighting, texture, color, and much more.

“It’s fun . . . being able to change everything you can,” she said.

“It gives you something you can control,” Osmondson said.

Her drawing and painting instructor, Geoff Welles said, Kendra is “ferocious when it comes to her art.”

“She has a very creative streak in her and is not afraid to put herself entirely into her work,” he added.

Her dream job is actually fashion design, but, with no school in Minnesota, she will study more general design.

With her poster, she incorporated a bulletin board because she believes art should be displayed.

“If you have talent, you should make it known,” she said.

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