Baking and winning with Delano Coborn’s food club labels

May 12, 2008

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

Two area girls have enjoyed dance classes at Star Seekers Production in Delano for many years.

Their dance teams will be competing at dance nationals in California. They came up with a yummy fund-raising idea to help pay for their trip in June.

Larissa Hoen, daughter of Deb and Dan Hoen, and Samantha Fake, daughter of Jane and Joe Fake, have been diligently baking for weeks.

They sent out flyers to family and friends announcing their homemade goods for sale, and orders started pouring in.

With four flavors of pies and cookies, along with two types of homemade bread, they have spent countless hours in the Fake’s kitchen.

Of course, there have been many trips to Coborn’s for ingredients and, during one of these trips, Deb Hoen entered the Food Club Contest.

Once a year, Coborn’s customers register to win a visit from the Food Club Cash Patrol.

They search your home and pay $20 per Food Club label up to $500. When Jane saw the Coborn’s van pull in her driveway, she knew there would be no problem finding Food Club items.

“It’s a good thing Coborn’s had a $500 limit,” said Jane Fake. “We had 40 items on the counter without even trying, and could have had more because of all the baking the girls have been doing.”

Coborn’s manager Joe Tipka presented Jane a check for $500, and she admits most of the money went right back to the store to purchase more Food Club items so the girls could continue baking.

In its fifth year, Coborn’s Food Club Cash Patrol has awarded $50,000 company-wide.

“This is a great way to promote our store brand quality items,” Tipka said. “Our Delano store gave out $1,760 this year.”

So far, Larissa and Samantha have raised $800 to use for their trip to dance nationals in California.

They have been keeping a spread sheet, know exactly how much they have spent, and what their profit is.

This has been a learning process for the girls in many ways. From purchasing supplies, using recipes, baking, selling, to learning about money, they have enjoyed the whole process.

They have made a few mistakes by forgetting an ingredient or two, or ending up with a few burnt batches of cookies.

“We’ve ended up with ‘gabbin’ cookies,” laughed Jane Fake. “You know, when you get to gabbin’ and suddenly think – ‘oh no, the cookies,’ and they end up burnt.”

Of course, the girls feel the best part is actually eating the pies, cookies, and breads. Larissa loves the pies and Samantha’s sweet tooth prefers the chocolate chip cookies.

Larissa is an eighth grade student at Delano Middle School and Samantha is a third grade student at St. Peter’s Catholic School.

Both girls plan to keep baking their delicious items until the middle of June and are excited to not only participate in dance nationals but also help pay for their trip to California.