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Bear Lake Road grading project near completion

Nov. 3, 2008

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

DASSEL, MN – A couple more miles of compaction were needed Wednesday on Meeker County State Aid Highway 15, or Bear Lake Road, southeast of Dassel, and then the grading project will be done for the year.

Meeker County Highway Engineer Ron Mortensen said the seven-mile, $1.8 million grading project is in its final stages of disking and compaction. Next summer, the road will be paved in the federally-funded project.

Not only will CSAH 15 be wider, it also will be straightened and realigned to have 55 mph curves, according to the contractor’s crew superintendent, John Duncan, of Central Specialties of Alexandria.

The road runs from east of Dassel at CSAH 6, south to the Meeker-McLeod County border. The construction started on the south end Aug. 8.

The most challenging part of the project, 2,000 feet of road at approximately 187th Street built on swampland, is working out very well, Mortensen said. The road was built on top of cattails, woodchips, and several layers of dirt, all held in place by Geofabric. The structure then was allowed to set for 21 days, Duncan said.

Massive culverts were installed so swamp water can flow from one side to the other without flooding the road, Duncan said.

The banks along the road that were too high for farming, were leveled so crops could be planted right away in the spring, he added.

Central Specialties’ contract required it to finish the grading in 91 working days. Duncan expected to get the grading done by November, he said.


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