Cokato pastor uses the web to share ministry and faith

September 1, 2008

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Pastor Steve Thorson is expanding his ministry from Sunday mornings services to the World Wide Web with his newly created blog site.

Thorson, who’s been the pastor at Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cokato since 2005, believes in “equipping people to do God’s work” and is using Google’s Blogger to help do just that.

In what Thorson has titled, “Sharing Ministry and Faith,” he is able to share news regarding the church as well as general healthy topics.

“There are things you want to share, but can’t always share on a Sunday morning,” Thorson said.

Through www.equalsharing/blogspot.com, (www.equalsharing.com will do), Thorson is able to put his immediate thoughts into direct action.

Topics on Thorson’s blog include council meeting reports, passages from scripture, discussion over current events, as well as other announcements and links.

Though similar to an online newsletter, the blog gives members and readers the opportunity to comment and ask questions of the pastor.

“Transparency is important to me,” Thorson said explaining that with him, what you see is what you get.

Impressed with his daughter, Naomi’s blog about her trip to Lithuania, Thorson thought a blog would be a fun things to try.

Naomi’s blog also happened to be the first Thorson has ever “blogged” on.

With Naomi’s help, Thorson’s blog was up and running in no time.

“You always have to learn from the younger generation,” Thorson said in regard to new technology.

“It’s easy to set up,” he said.

Thorson also recommends not being afraid to click when visiting blogs.

Bold and color letters in his blog can be clicked, Thorson said.

How it works

Visit www.blogger.com and follow the three easy steps, including creating a personalized template with profile information (as much or as little as one would like to share), and start typing.

Thorson recommends writing a few blogs before telling people to visit it.

After all, “you might not like it,” Thorson said.

Thorson also admits bloggers must be willing to be challenged by readers.

“Discussion is really important in a democracy, but you have to be willing to be challenged, or why put it out there?” Thorson commented.

To check out Thorson’s blog, visit www.equalsharing.com or e-mail him a discussion question at celcpastor@embarqmail.com.

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