Howard Lake History Book is in progress

April 21, 2008

Last call for submitted copy – if you haven’t been contacted, the committee will presume your entity isn’t interested

By Lynda Jensen

The new history book update for Howard Lake is under full production, with the book scheduled to be ready by Good Neighbor Days in June.

To see Bruce Engel in plaid pants and mutton chops, click here.
To see a picture of Mark Custer with wavy hair, click here.
To see Charlie Bush with a moustache in 1978, click here.
To see Coach Merrill Skinner in 1990, click here.

The book will be a complete reprint of the first book, as well as an update from the past 30 years, with several sections and pieces from that time period.

“The Howard Lake History Book, 130 years of the Good Life,” contains the following so far:

• An article that recaps headlines from the last 30 years, from 1978 to 2008. Several photos are featured in the article, including a young-looking Mark Custer at Custer’s Super Valu, and numerous other photos. There was a lot more “hair” then, I noticed.

• The most current record of each sport at HLWW. Many coaches have already turned in their records (girls basketball, golf and baseball).

• Stan Diers has been working to roundup certain items. An invitation has been made to St. James School for submitted items or photos. If parents have photos from the past 30 years, then please contact Lynda on the committee (320) 282-6558.

• Marilyn Ringold has been working hard on profiles of each business, which is nearly finished. Photos were taken over the weekend of businesses that didn’t have a picture.

• Mike Mitchell is working diligently on the Orphans, to make sure they are properly exhibited in the book.

• It would be helpful if someone was interested in assisting St. John’s Church with an entry.

• Photos that were submitted during the 2003 period will be included in an old time Photo Gallery.

• reprinted articles from the newspaper such as flood pictures, the Scheer popcorn wagon, Timber Dahlberg, ice out dates on the lake, the Highway 12 reconstruction and Flood of 2002, and other stories.

Please make contact now, if you are holding a treasure or some information we need to know: call Lynda at (320) 282-6558, Stan Diers at (320) 543-2947, or Marilyn Ringold at (320) 543-3630.

Looking for copy; many attempts have been made

The History Book Committee is asking the community to call or submit copy for the book now, (320) 282-6558.

So far, the committee has done the following:

• made contact with churches and businesses last year, via fax or mail,

• sent a second round of letters six to eight months ago,

• printed articles in the paper about the book’s progress,

• Recently, the committee has made personal phone calls or visits to entities that haven’t responded yet (but not all).

Therefore, if you are in doubt as to whether your church or organization is properly represented in the book, please ASK QUESTIONS NOW.

In order for it to be printed in time for Good Neighbor Days, it needs to go to press May 1, no later.

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