Brazelton receives DFL endorsement for state representative seat

March 24, 2008

District 19B DFL delegates support Brazelton for house

At the District 19 convention March 15, an enthusiastic crowd voted to support Chris Brazelton of Delano for DFL endorsement.

In a contested race for endorsement with challenger Dennis Sucik of St. Michael, delegates supported Brazelton with more than 70 percent of the vote on the first ballot.

Brazelton, a Wright County child support officer and former legal advocate for battered women, ran in 2006 after a four-month campaign and received 39 percent of the vote in the general election.

Citing the need for effective representation at the Minnesota Legislature, Brazelton reminded delegates that incumbent Tom Emmer opened the 2007 session referring to the leadership of the House as the “junta” and the “regime,” and went on to challenge every DFL proposed solution with a confrontational and combative style.

“His own proposals are often seen as extreme and reactionary, and are unlikely to result in a serious hearing,” Brazelton said.

Brazelton said she looks forward to serving the residents of eastern Wright County, supporting small business development, property tax relief and solutions to the challenges of school funding and the spiraling cost of health care premiums.

“I believe in asking questions and listening to my constituents with an open heart and mind,” Brazelton said. “You know what works for you and what doesn’t.  It is only through understanding the issues from all sides can real solutions be found.”

For further information, Brazelton’s web site is www.brazeltonforhouse.com.

District 19B includes Albertville, Delano, Franklin Township, Montrose, Otsego, Rockford, Rockford Township, St. Michael, Victor Township, Waverly and Woodland Township.

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