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Lester Prairie student Kaleb Buesing gets photo published in magazine

Dec. 8, 2008

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Lester Prairie High School junior Kaleb Buesing has found a way to enhance his outdoor experience, and he has earned some recognition and even some money along the way.

Buesing’s photo of a black-capped chickadee taken in his back yard last winter was published in the December/January issue of Birds & Blooms magazine.

The path that led to having his photos published grew out of his love for the outdoors.

Buesing said he enjoys spending time outdoors, and he began watching birds a few years ago.

None of his family members were birdwatchers, he said, it was just something he picked up on his own.

Then, he got his camera.

“I got a nice camera for Christmas last year,” Buesing said. It is an eight-megapixel Canon PowerShot with a 10x zoom lens.

This opened up a new world of possibilities for him, and he has taken more than 6,000 photos since he received the camera.

The chickadee photo that was published this month was taken last January.

He went out to take some photos and the only birds that were around were some black-capped chickadees.

Most were flitting around, making it difficult to get a photograph, but he noticed one that was sitting very still. He was able to get close enough to take the photo that was published by Birds & Blooms.

Buesing did not know the magazine had accepted his photo until the company sent him a copy of the issue that included his photo.

He has submitted photos to other publications, such as the Outdoor News and Fur-Fish-Game magazine, and entered them in contests, and has already earned about $100 for his photos.

This may come in handy. Buesing already has visions of more advanced cameras and bigger lenses, but he said he is pretty sure that the next camera he gets will be one that he buys himself.

He does not limit himself to birds, but has taken photos of a variety of things found in nature.

“It gives me a reason to go out and do something,” he commented.

He often takes photos when he is out enjoying other activities such as fishing.

He was fishing in the Crow River near Lester Prairie when he captured a photo of a mink along the riverbank. By being aware of his surroundings, he noticed the animal coming toward him before the animal saw him, and, as a result, he got the shot.

He has never taken any photography classes, but he said he has enjoyed seeing how he can improve his photos and learn to do things better.

He also acknowledges that when it comes to photography, “once in a while you just get lucky.”

Buesing is the son of Perry and Jennifer Buesing of Lester Prairie.


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