Several area farms designated 2008 Century Farms

Aug. 4, 2008

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Several area farms were designated 2008 Century Farms July 9 by the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Farm Bureau.

Qualifying farms are in a continuous family ownership for at least 100 years.

The Bergquist farm, Dassel

Kenneth Bergquist’s farm, two miles south of Dassel, is a century farm. It was founded by Gustaf Bergquist who came to America from Sweden in 1908. The farm, at 72558 209th St., Dassel, originally was a dairy farm. When Kenneth Bergquist was milking cows, he had a herd of about 12-14. Now the farm produces only crops, he said.

The Rogers farm, Cokato

Another century farm in the region is an 80-acre crop and horse farm eight miles north of Cokato. The farm is owned by Frances and Janice Rogers and is at 2326 Pleason Ave. NW, French Lake Township.

The farm was founded by Janice Rogers’ great-grandfather, John Olson, in 1889. Then, it was a dairy and crop farm. Janice Rogers’ mother was married there, and had her wedding dance in the barn that still stands at the site.

The Rogers live at the farm with Frances Rogers’ sister, Catherine Ebert.

The Hedtke farm, New Germany

Another century farm in the region is 1.5 miles southeast of New Germany. This 80-acre cash crop farm is owned by John and Jill Hedtke. They have two children, Andrew, 5, and Matthew, 3. John Hedtke was a dairy farmer until 1999, he said.

The farm was founded by Carl Hedtke in 1901. Carl Hedtke is John Hedtke’s great-grandfather. Carl Hedtke came to America from Prussia when he was 14 years old. He first lived at a farm with his older brother about a mile east of where the century farm is now. When Carl Hedtke got married, part of the house was moved to the site where John and Jill Hedtke live now. That portion of the house has since been torn down.

Carl Hedtke had three sons, so there are several families of Hedtkes in the New Germany and Grove City area who are his descendants.

The Brose farm, Howard Lake

Craig Brose of rural Howard Lake has another 80-acre farm designation a 2008 Century Farm. It is a crop farm five miles southwest of Howard Lake along Wright County Road 30 in Victor Township.

The farm, at 9265 Lathrop Ave. SW., was founded by Ed Brose, Craig Brose’s great-grandfather, in 1907. It is part of a more than 900-acre Brose Farms corporation that produces corn and beans, and is run by Craig Brose and his brother, Keith Brose.

The farm was a dairy farm originally, but the cows were sold in 1971.

The Granger Farm, Waverly

Another area century farm was founded in 1872 by Isaac Granger about three miles north of Waverly.

Isaac Granger’s son, Wilfred, took over the farmstead. It was then passed to Wilfred Granger’s daughter, Georgianna Granger Smith.

This 80-acre crop farm, next to Marysville Town Hall, is owned by Marilyn Smith Vogelsang. Granger was her great-great-grandfather. Vogelsang is married to Hank Vogelsang. They have five children, Colette, Mark, Jim, David and Sue.

The farm also used to be a dairy farm, but Vogelsang’s father stopped milking in 1970.

Other area farms designated 2008 Century Farms are the farms of the Cederstrom-Pierson family of Watertown, 1908; Lawrence and Eileen Pysick of Watertown, 1883; Robert and Gloria Dobratz of Hutchinson, 1908; the Rusch family of Hutchinson, 1907; James and Lanette Dammann of Plato, 1908; and Lyle and Dana Engelmann of Plato, 1905.

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