Waverly Mayor Ken Hausladen has 3 complaints filed against him

Aug. 18, 2008

By Lynda Jensen

A special closed city council meeting has been called today (Monday) to discuss three separate complaints filed against Mayor Ken Hausladen by city staff.

There are two meetings set – a closed meeting with the city attorney at 6 p.m., and a special council meeting at 7 p.m.

Notice for the earlier meeting reads, in part, “This meeting will be closed under the attorney/client privilege exception to the open meeting law to discuss threatened litigation.”

The purpose for the 7 p.m. special council meeting is “to discuss complaints filed against Mayor Hausladen and any other business that may come before the council,” the notice reads.

It was decided during a special city council meeting July 14 to keep the mayor from having personal contact with city staff due to the nature of the complaints, according to city council minutes.

A motion was made, and unanimously approved 5-0, “that due to the situation with staff complaints, there will be no one-to-one contact between the mayor and city staff unless another council member is present who is not a relative, until the investigation is completed.”

Hausladen’s wife, Deb, is a member of the city council.

Check signing and other necessary items that are normally done by the mayor are being taken care of after office hours when staff are not present.

The investigation is being conducted by the city’s attorney firm of Young, Brown & Pagel of Annandale.

City Council Member Ken Antil is the acting mayor and was asked to chair a previous closed meeting while discussing the issue via telephone with attorney Rhonda Pagel.

Hausladen’s term as mayor is up this year, with filing to open for this position starting Tuesday, Aug. 26.

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