Cokato Computer Service now open

March 3, 2008

Owner Samuel Lemke has been building computers since age 13

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

At age 13, Samuel Lemke of Cokato was given several computer parts and a book on how to put it together. From then on, Lemke has enjoyed anything computer-related.

Now, he’s turned his passion and expertise into a business helping restore personal and business computers.

Now open for business is Cokato Computer Service, located next to Snap Fitness in Cokato along Highway 12.

Lemke was born and raised in Pennsylvania and his family moved to Cokato in 2001. He is the son of Janelle and Daniel Lemke.

Lemke was home schooled and taught himself how to fix, build, and rebuild computers.

He has an advantage for this service because he can get high-quality parts through his current supplier at a low cost, according to Lemke.

“I go for quality and supplies with high ratings,” he said.

Lemke works mostly with computers that have viruses and aren’t working properly, but he also has experience at building high-performance gaming computers, he said.

At age 25, Lemke is always learning and researching new techniques, such as new ways to remove viruses from computer software.

Viruses are typically sent through an e-mail attachment or even certain web sites. If opened, the virus can attach itself to another program on the computer, causing it to run slower, create pop-ups, and not allow some programs to start, according to Lemke.

His advice: don’t open an e-mail if you don’t know where it’s coming from or who sent it.

Many times, pop-ups will appear alerting that the computer has a virus. The pop-ups are to get people to download what may appear to be free virus removal software, but is instead, actually a virus.

Other types of problems that can surface include trojans and worms. These can allow for information to be transferred from one computer to another making it easier for identity theft to occur.

Lemke doesn’t spend too much time defining the computer’s problem, though.

“I don’t really label it, I just get rid of it,” he said.

“I haven’t turned down a computer yet that I couldn’t fix,” Lemke said.

If he gets stumped and doesn’t know how to fix a customer’s computer, he will research it until he finds a solution.

Eventually, he wants to expand his business, and have computers on display, and increase his inventory of computer parts.

Lemke currently has a small inventory and can purchase other parts if requested.

Cokato Computer Service is open Monday through Saturday, and can be reached at (320) 559-0047. Hours vary.

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