Former Dassel resident wins Herald Journal cruise giveaway

March 3, 2008

Joan Keskey drove for hours dropping off entry forms

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

One day, Joan Keskey of Montrose wasn’t feeling so well, so she decided to take part of the day off from her job as a hair stylist and go for a drive.

After filling out both pages of Herald Journal Publishing’s Valentine’s Great Escape contest forms, she drove from town to town dropping them off. It took her five hours, she said.

Although a former resident of Dassel, Keskey grew up in Waverly and now lives in Montrose.

It was south of there that got to be a bit tricky.

Keskey didn’t really know her way around Lester Prairie and New Germany, but wasn’t afraid to stop and ask for directions.

On occasion, Keskey would explain her adventure.

“I’m gonna win. I’m on a mission,” she would say.

She thought, “If I don’t win, I spent a lot of time and gas driving around.”

Well, no matter how confident she was of her potential winnings, Keskey couldn’t believe it when she received a phone call Friday from Herald Journal’s Sarah Bisping.

She was shocked upon receiving the call, Bisping reported.

“She kept questioning me, ‘Are you serious?’” Bisping said.

“I started screaming,” Keskey said. “While I had a customer in the chair,” she added.

“I never win anything,” she said.

Her winning entry was picked from The Eye Opener Coffee House in Winsted.

“I really wanted to go on vacation this year, but I knew I really couldn’t afford it,” Keskey said.

She specifically wanted to go back to Jamaica. The first time Keskey was there, she loved it. The second time, it rained.

This will be Keskey’s first cruise, but she is not yet sure when her voyage will set sail.

Prior to her move to Montrose three years ago, Keskey was living in Dassel and owned Joan’s Hair Design in Cokato.

Now, she is back on her own stomping grounds and was lucky enough to have most of her clients follow her there.

Keskey has three children – Shawn Zander, 21, Courtney Keskey, 13, and Morgan Keskey, 8. Zander is a DC graduate and student at the University of Minnesota - St. Paul Campus.

Other winnings from the Valentine’s Day Giveaway include second place to Judy Bayerl of Winsted with Chanhassen tickets. She won fron the ticket she dropped off at the Hollywood Sports Complex in Watertown.

Third place went to John Erickson of Cokato, who won Underwater World tickets at the Grounds in Cokato.

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