Wright County dairy princess coronation this Saturday

March 24, 2008

Two out of three candidates are existing royalty

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

It’s time again for the annual Wright County dairy princess banquet and coronation, to be Saturday, March 29, at the new Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School located mid-way between Howard Lake and Winsted along County Road 6.

There will be a 7 p.m. social time, with dinner following at 7:30 p.m. Coronation will be in the auditorium after dinner.

The current princesses are Bridget Boehlke of Waverly, Kelsey Kolles of Otsego, and Andrea Neumann of Annandale.

There are three candidates this year for Wright County dairy princess, including Kristine Berning of St. Michael, as well as Bridget Boehlke, and Kelsey Kolles, both running for a second time.

Upon application, the candidates were asked a few questions such as why they want to be a Wright County dairy princess, what their dairy background is, and what their favorite dairy product is.

Bridget Boehlke

Boehlke is the daughter of Eugene and Rita Boehlke of Waverly and is currently attending Ridgewater College in Willmar.

“I want to be a Wright County dairy princess because I want to represent the farmers of Wright County, who work hard to produce wholesome, nutritious, and good-tasting dairy products for all their consumers,” Boehlke said.

On her family’s farm, the Boehlke’s milk about 80 Holsteins and farm 260 acres of land.

Some of her responsibilities on the farm include milking cows, feeding calves, field work, and cleaning the barn.

Her favorite dairy product is ice cream because it is the ultimate food that comes in a variety of flavors.

Kelsey Kolles

Kolles is the daughter of Mark and JoAnn Kolles of Otsego.

She is currently attending Anoka Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids.

“I want to be a Wright County dairy princess to promote the dairy industry and to teach others how important dairy products are. I also want to learn from others,” Kolles said.

She is employed at the Steve Gunner dairy farm, where they milk 63 Holsteins and run about 320 acres of land.

Some of her responsibilities on the farm include milking the cows, feeding calves, and doing any miscellaneous tasks that need to be done.

Kolles says her favorite dairy product is ice cream because there are so many different flavors, and it’s always good when you’re cold and even better when you’re hot.

Kristine Berning

Berning is the daughter of Mark and Julie Berning of St. Michael, and is a senior at Monticello High School.

“I want to be a Wright County Dairy Princess to honor my parents and all of their hard work!

“Together, they have enriched my life in the dairy industry, which has made me who I am.

“I appreciate the learned work ethics and values that they have taught me.

“With this opportunity, I feel that it is my duty to share my experiences and educate others in support of my parents and the surrounding dairy farmers in the area,” Berning said.

On her family’s farm, they milk 275 cows, a combination of Holstein and Holstein cross, as well as running 500 acres.

Some of her responsibilities on the farm include working first and second shift milking and feeding the newborn calves before they are moved over to the calf grower.

Berning’s favorite dairy product is cheese because she loves Italian dishes and being able to add extra cheese whenever she gets the chance.

She said cheese is easy to incorporate daily when snacking, and it’s just fine on crackers, too.

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