Darwin Liquor reports August increase in sales, up from 2007

Sept. 22, 2008

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

The Darwin City Council was pleased to see a $9,000 increase in the Darwin Municipal Liquor Store August sales compared to last year.

Liquor store manager and city clerk, Carmen Kolar attributes part of the increase to high gas prices keeping people local during the summer months.

In other matters, the council approved the inspection contract between the city and Meeker County turning the building inspection responsibilities over to the county.

Council Member Larry Huhn suggested a clarification be made regarding the requirements of a site plan.

Kolar was asked to contact the county to see if a survey of the property would be necessary for permits.

The council received a copy of a letter from the city’s attorney to Robert Hentges, owner of Bob’s Country Saloon.

In May, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety cited the saloon for storing alcoholic beverages for customers.

Since the city only recently became aware of the incident due to an apparent oversight by the regulatory agency, the council decided against taking any action.

Kolar explained alcoholic beverage can be stored for customers, but only in a locked cabinet and not behind the bar.

Having not heard back from Phyllis Johnson, whose property the city is considering purchasing as land for a new pond, the council advised Kolar to send another formal letter asking for a quick response.

Kolar informed the council that citations for violators of the city’s property maintenance ordinance will be given at the end of the month. Thus far, there are still four properties in violation.

In Jill Holte’s public works items, she informed the council that a new payment drop box has been installed at the city’s shop, pot holes were filled, and hydrant flushing will be the week of Oct. 6.

Results from the soil samples taken from four spots within the park came back. Recommendations were give to use 20:10:10 fertilizer, which the council asked Holte to purchase and apply to the park grounds with grass seed as well.

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