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Stolfa, Schrupp elected to city council; four elected to school board

November 10, 2008

Emmer, Russek also reclaim seats

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

One incumbent will continue serving on the Delano City Council for another term, and one newcomer will join the group following the election Tuesday.

Newcomer Betsy Stolfa received the highest number of votes in the race with 1,078, and incumbent Holly Schrupp came in second with 887.

Both were elected to four-year terms on the city council and will be administered the oath of office in early January.

Votes for city council include:

• Stolfa – 1,078 (elected)

• Schrupp – 887 (elected)

• Derek Schansberg – 873

• Harlan Lewis – 726

• Marc Plese – 629

• Lee Bunker – 269

• Janice Braegelmann-Schweiss – 243.

There were also nine write-in votes tallied.

At the Delano City Council meeting Wednesday night, Mayor Joe McDonald congratulated Stolfa and Schrupp, and expressed appreciation to all of those who ran for office.

“It is a great trait of all of those who want to serve the community,” McDonald said.

Delano School Board

For Delano School Board, all four candidates were elected to the four open positions on the board.

Votes for school board include:

• Sarah Gallagher – 3,575 (elected)

• Amy Johnson – 3,148 (elected)

• Peter Brasket – 3,121 (elected)

• Sam Nelson – 2,923 (elected)

There were also 104 write-in votes. Johnson was appointed to fill the remainder of the term vacated by Lorrie Mulholland, who recently resigned. Johnson was administered the oath of office at the last regular school board meeting.

Wright County Board of Commissioners

Two county commissioner seats were open in Wright County this year, including the position currently served by Jack Russek of Delano (District 3), and the position served by Karla Heeter of Silver Creek Township, which is District 1 (primarily the Annandale area).

In District 3, Russek retained his position on the board with 5,193 votes compared to 4,406 received by Matt Walker of Buffalo.

Heeter did not re-file and has taken a job elsewhere. For this position, Rose Thelen of Clearwater defeated Annandale Mayor Sam Harmoning, receiving 5,703 votes compared to Harmoning’s 4,303.

State Representative District 19B

State Representative Tom Emmer reclaimed his seat over opponent Chris Brazelton in the election, receiving 17,455 votes to Brazelton’s 11,194.

There were also 55 write-in votes tallied in this race.

How did Delano and Franklin Township vote?

For the offices of president and vice president, residents of Delano gave 1,738 votes to John McCain/Sarah Palin, 1,160 to Barack Obama/Joe Biden, 1 to Cynthia McKinney /Rosa Clemente, 0 to Roger Calero/Alyson Kennedy, 27 to Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez, 5 to Bob Barr/Wayne Root, and 7 to Chuck Baldwin/Darrel Castle.

There were also six write-in votes tallied for president and vice president. Barack Obama and Joe Biden were elected to the offices of president and vice president of the United States.

In Franklin Township, voters followed closely along the lines of Delano residents – giving McCain/Palin 1,047 votes to Obama/Biden’s 623. Votes also received include 1 for McKinney/Clemente, 1 for Calero/Kennedy, 19 for Nader/Gonzalez, 1 for Barr/Root, 5 for Baldwin/Castle. There was also one write-in vote tallied.

For the US senator seat, Delano residents gave 499 votes to Dean Barkley, 1,618 to Norm Coleman, 796 to Al Franken, 3 to Charles Aldrich, and 6 to James Niemackl.

In Franklin Township, Coleman received 915 votes, Franken 464, Barkley 301, Aldrich 1, and Niemackl 6.

Norm Coleman has claimed victory in the race, but a recount will take place due to the closeness of the race between he and Franken.

For the US representative seat in the sixth district, Delano showed its support for Michele Bachmann, giving her 1,502 votes. Contenders El Tinklenberg received 1,079, and Bob Anderson received 312.

Franklin Township also showed its support of Bachmann, giving her 897 votes. Tinklenberg received 590 votes, and Anderson received 179. There were also three write-in votes tallied.

Bachmann won the overall race by a thin margin, coming in with 187,808 votes to Tinklenberg’s 175,784.

Races around the area

A number of local communities featured races on the ballots for city offices.

Loretto – Barry Andersen will take over the mayor position in Loretto from John Reynolds, who did not refile for the position.

Jeff Tepfer will retain his seat on the city council, receiving 264 votes. A second city council position was up for election, and 61 write-in votes were received. Clark Lohr got the highest number of votes and will serve on the Loretto City Council.

Maple Plain – Two city council seats and the mayor position were up for election this year.

John R. Sweeney will remain the mayor of Maple Plain, coming in with 596 votes, compared to challenger Jerry Young who obtained 301.

Newcomer David Eisinger received the highest number of votes with 471 and was elected to the city council, as was incumbent E.A. (Gene) Couser who received 406 votes.

The other incumbent, Mardelle DeCamp, received 329 votes. Rhonda Burman also received 283 votes.

Montrose – The new mayor in Montrose will be Andy Kauffman, who currently sits on the city council. He will replace outgoing Mayor Charlie Nelson. Results were as follows: Kauffman (579), Lloyd Johnson (525), and Tim Hackenmiller (208).

For Montrose council, incumbent Jeff Petersen and Scott Jensen were elected from a pool of seven candidates. Results were Jeff Petersen (565), Scott Jensen (428), Jason W. Simmons (415), Lisa Ellwoods (407), Mary McCarty (252), Georgina E. Woidyla (220), and Joseph Debauche (106).

Rockford – Michael Beyer received 1,012 votes and will remain Rockford’s mayor after beating challenger Greg Altringer, who had 857 votes. Altringer is a current city council member. There were also 28 write-in votes for mayor.

For Rockford City Council, Rick Martinson, who obtained 1,008 votes, and Renee Hafften, who received 887 votes, were elected. Incumbent Scott Seymour received 754 votes.

Watertown – KJ McDonald will continue serving as Watertown’s mayor, earning 1,254 votes to challenger Steven Duske’s 756.

Jodi Martinez, receiving 1,045 votes, and Rick Mann, receiving 1,043 votes, were elected to the Watertown City Council. Also receiving votes were Rob Wilkening with 797, and James Rivord with 276.

Waverly – Voters elected existing council member Ken Antil to mayor.

Results are: Ken Antil (513), and city council Connie Holmes (405), Gary Olson (257), Keith Harris (209), and Charlie Brown (139).

Four elected to Watertown-Mayer School Board

John McCain emerged as a winner in this year’s Watertown-Mayer School District election, receiving 2,674 votes. The local McCain had received national attention for running for office at the same time as presidential candidate John McCain.

Also elected to the school board were Steve Burns with 3,141 votes, Jennifer Hoover with 2,519 votes, and Chad Koehler with 2.426. Larry Oberender received 1,419 votes.

Judges elected

Although a number of unopposed judges filled the ballot, there were a handful of true races on local ballots.

There were two such races in District 10, which includes Wright County.

District 10 (Wright County):

• Nancy Logering was elected (198,827 votes) against challenger Luke Stellpflug (113,540).

• Robert Varco was elected (170,769) over John Dehen (153,107).

On the Supreme Court level (statewide, featured on every ballot), there were two races, as well as a third race for the Court of Appeals.

• Paul Anderson was elected (1,177,722) over a challenge from Tim Tingelstad (768,391)

• Lori Skjerven-Gildea was elected (1,031,576) over a challenge from Deb Hedlund (837,816).

Court of Appeals:

• Terri Stoneburner was elected (1,073,729) over Dan Griffith (751,937)

Amendment passed

The Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy amendment to the constitution was approved with 1,522,528 yes votes, and 1,073,512 no votes.


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