Dassel Planning Commission wants developer’s agreement

June 9, 2008

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

The Dassel Planning Commission strongly recommended May 27 the City of Dassel not allow any further development to the Howard Page parcel at the corner of Highways 12 and 15.

The development of the parcel is proceeding in a piece-meal fashion.

“If projects proceed without having the master plan that is provided under a platting process, there are things that are missed, and the City inherits problems and the expense to cure,” members of the planning commission said in the minutes of the May 27 meeting, presented to the council last Monday by City Administrator Myles McGrath.

“Other recent developers have assumed the financial responsibility for their projects rather than to ask the City to carry the risk and charge back as a special assessment. Those developers are watching this closely. If there is not a legal issue, there at least appears to be a moral obligation to treat them all equitably,” planning commission members said.

McGrath said the city attorney Andy MacArthur, and Page’s attorney, Kelsey Page, are negotiating a developer’s agreement now for the street improvement hearing tonight, Monday, June 9. That developer’s agreement, however, is only for the land under the first 586 feet of the new road, for storm drainage of the northwest corner of the intersection, and a turn lane from Highway 15. There is no agreement yet for the entire Page development, McGrath said.

The only part of the Page development that has a plan is the acreage for the north side of the proposed road. It is being sold to Rosalind Ewald of Hutchinson for a $3.5 million, 48-unit assisted living facility, Cedar Crest of Dassel.

In other development business, McGrath said the original developer’s agreement with John Dahl of Dassel for Martin Estates was located. There is no contractual obligation in it to make Dahl responsible for making the dirt access at the end of Martin Drive into a paved street with a proper turn lane. The council scheduled a work session for Monday, June 23, 7 p.m. to plan how to extend Martin Drive to Highway 15.

Also, City Engineer Chuck DeWolf of Bolton & Menk updated the completion of other developers’ projects, too.

The developer of Summit Hills, Peter Aho of AAA Development, left some erosion and pavement problems unfinished. DeWolf notified the developer’s financier that the City will use the developer’s letter of credit to pay for the correction of the rest of the problems, he said.

The developer at Highland Meadows, Andrew Kociscak of Preferred Builders in Plymouth, was notified the city is getting quotes from local contractors to correct the too-steep slopes on the banks of a holding pond at Galiger’s Lane. After the contractor fixes the pond’s banks, the cost will be charged to the developer, DeWolf said.

Finally, storm water in the area of Trester Court doesn’t drain. The City is tracking down who is the responsible party now, because the development has changed hands several times, McGrath said.

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